Prison is what we call school

We your parents have to travel every where for work so do you, Ashleigh is a girl who has decided that she is not going to make new friends anymore because she doesn't want to move and have to leave them behind, but what happens she learns that making friends and relationships is the possible reason that can allow her to stay. Join the adventures and romance of Ashleigh and her friends.


10. The Payne's House

I woke up expecting it to be Saturday, but in actual fact it was Monday. The house was quiet and empty. I walked down the stairs to get a drink, I was so thirsty I walked past the kitchen bench where there was a note sitting on it:

Hello Ash,

It's Monday, and I have decided to let you stay home, there's some food in the fridge if you get hungry and some money one the bench if you want to go out for some fresh air, we also found your phone so please give me a call when your awake. Oh and call your mum and dad to let them know how your going.


Love Karen and Liam xx

They were such a lovely family I wish my parents were like this, I grabbed some water and my phone and headed back to bed. I called Karen and left a message.

Then I checked my messages 16 messages and 21 missed calls:

10 missed calls from Karen, 5 from Harry, 2 from Kyla, 1 from Sarah and 3 from Zayn

I decided to not to call anyone back, I wan't ready to talk to anyone not even my parents I couldn't give a fuck to call them, they could of at least called me and told me that they were leaving. Now for the messages:

6 from Harry... fuck him, 1 from Jill, 5 from Ricky, 2 from Liam, 1 from Hayden and 1 from Sarah I decided that I would read Ricky's and Liam's

From: Ricky

Are you at school? If not wanna catch up and talk?

From Ricky

Ash we should talk

From: Ricky

I'm sorry about Jill, I should of known Harry would of done that

From: Ricky

I spoke to everyone on the phone this morning everyone's really pissed off at Jill and Harry, no ones sitting with them. We should talk

From: Ricky

Call me xx


That's it I'm going to call them all I want to hear about everything, I need to. I first called Zayn

Z: Hey Ash! are you okay babe?

A: I don't know, How is everyone?

Z: We're all pissed off at each other, we wanted to have a good weekend, but we couldn't cause of Harry there not sitting with us there own there own.

A: I was my fault Zayn... I brought Harry along, I should of listened to you guys.

Z: Please Ash, It wasn't your fault we all trusted Harry

A: Yeah, whatever well let Liam know I'm okay and have a good day Love you all bye

Z: Okay Ash bye babe love you

Next was Ricky

A: Hey Ricky, it's Ash

R: Hey 

A: How are you?

R: Fine

A: Look were both hurt, Ricky you told me to call you but now you don't even want to talk.

I hung up the phone I couldn't deal with his shit. I then called everyone, that had left a message. I tried Karen again and she answered, she said if I needed anything just to give her another call. I went back to the fridge to get the sandwich thank god, my favourite Ham, cheese and tomato.

I went to the lounge room and watched the film 'Stand By Me'


After the movie had finished, I got a call from an unknown number. I don't usually answer them but for some reason, I really couldn't give a shit who it was.

A: Hello, Ashleigh specking

H: Hey Ash, It's... It's Harry, We need to talk can you meet me at the park?

A: What so I can watch you and Jill again, your an asshole Harry just leave me alone

H: Ash me and Jill aren't together she's back with Ricky.

A: Bye Harry

I couldn't believe that he had call, I was stupid enough to answer the phone in the first place I wasn't going to meet up with him anyway. I checked the clock, Liam would be home soon probably with his new girlfriend Danielle anyway. All well, I would just have to get through this myself and I would have to be the bigger person and go to school, act like it happened ages ago. 

(I hope everyone enjoyed the chapters :))

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