Prison is what we call school

We your parents have to travel every where for work so do you, Ashleigh is a girl who has decided that she is not going to make new friends anymore because she doesn't want to move and have to leave them behind, but what happens she learns that making friends and relationships is the possible reason that can allow her to stay. Join the adventures and romance of Ashleigh and her friends.


12. Summer Holiday

Many weeks had past and it was the summer holiday. I became really close friends with the group and mostly had Sarah over all the time. I left Liam's house but I didn't want to. Liam and I had become very close friends, he told me everything from what he and Danielle got up to, how he wanted to hang out with me more, how he wanted all of us to be friends and what he was doing for his big birthday bash, Liam wanted me to help organise it. Harry and I hadn't spoken in ages, I ignored his calls and texts I had moved on from him. It was the first Monday of the summer holidays and I had invited Sarah over, she wanted to talk to me about something. The door bell rang at exactly 12:30, she let herself in and walked up to my room.

"Ash, I need to some advice" she pleaded 

"What now?" I laughed, nearly everyday she needed advice but being her friend it was part of my job to help her out.

"Your probably going to get really mad!" she continued "I um... I... I slept with..."

"For christ sake who did you sleep with!" I screeched 

"Shhhh, keep it down! I know it was mean and bad but, I slept with Louis"

"YOU WHAT!" I yelled "You slept with Louis, but what about Eleanor?"

"She doesn't know! Louis doesn't want to break up with her yet"

"And why not?"

"Because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, he doesn't want her finding out either. We had kept it a good secret all during school"

"Oh shit... what all those times not sitting with us you were with Louis!"

"I know it was bad Ash, I do but he said he loved me"

"Oh and that makes it okay Sarah! What how would you like it if I did it to you?"

"I wouldn't, but I think I love him Ash, he was my first!"

"Oh Sarah, please I don't care if he was your first, you can't just go sneaking around with him" I said in a panic "Lets do a deal" I asked

"Okay what is it?" she asked

"You not allowed to sleep at my house ever again until you talk to Louis about it and you and him tell Eleanor"

"What! that's not fair, I practically live here" she through her hands around

"Well I will kick you out then" I smiled

"Fine, lets shake on it" she put out her hand and we shook "I will tell Louis tonight when I see him"

"Fine" I walked up to my door and opened it "you may leave" 


Sarah looked at me wide eyed, but got up and left the house. Poor Eleanor why would Sarah do something like that seriously why! I heard a buzz on my desk, it was my phone. I picked it up and checked my messages.

From: Nathan 

Hey :) come over I need to talk


I smiled me and Nathan had been good friends after the first time we met, we caught up a lot on the weekends. I think I may have got a crush on him. I changed into my summer dress and left the house, and began walking to Nathan's. 3o minutes later I arrived.

"Hey Ash" he smiled and gave me a hug

"Hey, What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well, we've known each other for a while and I just wanted to ask will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh my gosh! Yes" I smiled

"Calm down, it's not a marriage proposal" he laughed

"Oh yeah thats real funny Nathan" I join in laughing to

"Well, my friends are over so I thought you could hang out with us" 

"Um.." Oh fuck no no no, I don't want to see Harry, I've done such a good job ignoring him, I can't all of a sudden be dating his find... calm down Ash you moved on just ignore him. "Sure, I would love to" I lied 


He grabbed my hand, and we walked to the lounge room. The boys were sitting on the couch playing video games.

"Hey boys, pause the game Ash is here" all the boys turned around, and there he was staring at me I noticed that he didn't smile like the others he just smirked " This is Daniel, Jordan, Bret and that's Harry" he pointed out 

"Hi, glad to meet you boys" I smiled

"Yeah, nice to meet you to, heard so much about you" smiled Harry

"Nathan, I'm just going to get a drink" I smiled

"Here I will show you where to get the cups" suggested Harry

I walked into the kitchen with Harry behind

"The cups are just in hear" he smirked

"Harry! Don't fuck around" I whispered 

"I'm sorry Ash, I not doing anything" 

"Your acting like you don't know me" I replied harsly 

"Hang on! Don't you remember your the one that doesn't want to know me!" he replied coldly

"Oh, fuck you! I'm leaving do me a favour and tell Nathan I wasn't feeling well" I walked out of the house, why was I behaving like this, I was going to fuck up everything with Nathan if I continued like this. But Harry was just so annoying. I need to talk to someone. Liam! 


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