Prison is what we call school

We your parents have to travel every where for work so do you, Ashleigh is a girl who has decided that she is not going to make new friends anymore because she doesn't want to move and have to leave them behind, but what happens she learns that making friends and relationships is the possible reason that can allow her to stay. Join the adventures and romance of Ashleigh and her friends.


5. No! No! No!

"Are you kidding me?" asked Hayden

", I just thought maybe if you guys actually get to know him, his not a bad guy" I stuttered 

"And you would know how?" suggested Jill. Jill was another girl in the group, she was very tall and very smart, she new how to look out for her friends

"Because I new Harry before I moved here, he used to live in Phoenix and I used to like him but he was an asshole, but his changed now. Please just trust me" I tried to smile but my muscles wouldn't let I was just to scared of what was going to happen

"Fine! If she gets him I'm not going" mentioned Hayden

"Come on Hayden, she has a point it's not like she wants you to kiss and make up lets just all try and be friends" admitted Eleanor "Come on everyone El's right... We all used to be friends, but we picked Hayden's side and left Harry alone lets just try and work things out, it's going to be fun" agreed Louis

After a short discussion, we finally agreed that I could get him, they promised that they would wait out side with my bag, I just hoped that they would ditch me. I quickly busted Harry out and we got his bag, when we walked out they were all there still waiting, all smiling except Hayden.

"Ash... What are you doing?" Whispered Harry

"We all going to hang out, so just agree and be happy" I replied


We all got into our cars, and followed each other, It was friday, so we decided that we would stop by each others house to get everything we needed to go camping. The first house we stopped at was Perrie's, then Jills, Mine, Kyla's, Sarah's, Danielle's, Eleanor's, Harry's, Louis', Niall's, Zayn's, Ricky's, Hayden's and then Liam's because we decided that we were going to camp at Liam's far first and then another weekend somewhere else. When we arrived at Liam's his house was actually quite large we got everything out of the cars and head for his back fence, we dropped everything at it and went inside.

"Hi Mum" smiled Liam

"Hey Liam, what are you up to?"

"We camping in the field to night" he smiled

"With the usual people I see" she smiled at everyone, her eyes then found me and Harry "Hello Harold" she smiled

"Hi, Mrs Payne, nice to see you again" smiled Harry

"Yes, glad to see you again and who do we have here?" she asked 

"Oh Sorry, this is Ash" said Liam

"Nice to meet you, your not from around here?" 

"Oh no sorry, I'm from Australia, dad had some work here so we had to move" I replied politly

"Well, If you need anything before you head out let me know" she smiled and walked into the kitchen


Liam showed us around the house and told us where everything is before we leave for the field.

"Now before we leave, can you boys go and get the two couches from out of the shed?" asked Liam

"Um... Okay come on boys" replied Louis

"Girls if you want to get all the food and we will meet back at the bags" we all just smiled at liam and then bursted out in fits of laughter

"Oh my gosh, why do we need a couch?" laughed Perrie

"It's like were in the olden days girls have to get the food and guys deal with the heavy stuff" giggled Jill

We all continued to laugh and go to the kitchen where Mrs Payne was helping us get the food ready.

"So Ash, are you and Harry together?" asked Kyla. Kyla was a dark head girl with braces, she was very pretty and looked as if she did a lot of activity's outside of school

"Oh... um, we used to date in Phoenix but, I had to move so we couldn't" I smiled

"That wasn't my question but" she looked at me with angry eyes

"I'm not sure yet, we haven't really talked about it" I replied

"Care down, I'm only joking" she laughed " I don't talk like that" she continued 

"Oh yeah... Only when she drunk" laughed Sarah

"Oh shut up" we all began to laugh again even Mrs Payne joined in


"So do you all have boyfriends?" asked Mrs Payne, we all looked at each other unsure

"I do Mrs" stated Eleanor "I'm currently with Louis" she winked

"Oh how lovely, I can always remember young love"

"How nice, Jill's dating Ricky and I think Zayn likes Perrie but there both to afraid to admit it" laughed Eleanor 

We had finally finished packing food and water for our camping trip, we all walked out to see our bags on top of couches with the boys waiting by them

"You could of taken longer" laughed Niall sarcastically in which all the boys laughed to

"hah very funny" remarked Perrie "lets just get a move on before sun down" 

The boys worked together to take down the couches and each one of us girls had two containers and two bottles of water.

The breeze was cool, and the sun began to go down. It felt like we were all in a movie, like this wasn't real it was just so perfect. We all got along and we sung songs as well as we were walking down to the field.  


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