Prison is what we call school

We your parents have to travel every where for work so do you, Ashleigh is a girl who has decided that she is not going to make new friends anymore because she doesn't want to move and have to leave them behind, but what happens she learns that making friends and relationships is the possible reason that can allow her to stay. Join the adventures and romance of Ashleigh and her friends.


2. Lunch

Class finished and I quickly left the room before Ricky or Harry could catch up. All I wanted to do was get out of here. I wanted school to finish. I shoved my books into the locker and headed to the cafeteria. I grabbed some food and sat alone on a spare table, it looked as if no one would sit here. Thank god. I began to take a bite of my sandwich mhm yum ham, cheese and tomato my favourite I sat their daydreaming and munching on my sandwich when I was suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Go away Harry… Didn’t I already make it clear to you that I didn’t want to sit with you?” I said

“Why? Your on your own, if you keep acting the way you are your not going to make any friends you realise.” He smirked

“Maybe that’s the point,” I muttered under my breath

“HEY STYLES, Maybe you should leave the poor girl alone!” yelled a boy from across the room

“By the looks of it, you’ve got no friends either” I smirked

“Maybe I’m trying…”

“Fuck off Harry!” yelled the boy he had walked over with his jaw clenched, what was going on? Harry hadn’t done anything wrong he was just talking to me… in an annoying way

“Why? Were only talking! Just piss off Hayden”

“Oh yeah, make me!” and with those four words, Harry throw a punch at Hayden’s jaw. What a first day that was for me.

“Guys stop! Break it up,” yelled a girl “Just let it be” she ran in the middle of the fight and pulled Hayden away.


“You coming?” she looked at me

“Yep… Coming” I replied as I ran to catch up to them

“So… your first day and you’ve already started a fight,” she said to Hayden

“I was only looking after the new girl, you can already tell Harry’s got his eye on her” was he talking about me? Please no! Harry can like me already! I just want to go to school to learn, that’s it that’s all I ask for!

“It doesn’t mean you have to get involved! But anyway I’m Jill” she looked at me and smiled

“Ash… um… thanks for that I wouldn’t be able to stop them” I smiled back nicely

“Don’t worry, there’ve always had a grudge with each other” laughed Jill “So made any new friends?”

“Nope, I only meet a couple people… Um… I think there names are Ricky, Eleanor and Louis?”

“Oh great, there my friends to, well Ricky is my boyfriend but at least you have met some people” she winked, we continued to walk over to her table, I didn’t realise how big there group was until we sat down

“Hey everyone this is the new girl Ash, she’s from…”

“Australia” I butted in

“Oh yes, she’s from Australia, Ash meet everyone this is Louis, Ricky, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Hayden, Perrie, Kyla, Sarah, Danielle and Eleanor” she said as she pointed around the table

“Nice to meet you all” I smiled back I decided I would take a seat next to Hayden. Why was I doing this I didn’t want to make new friends, but these people just seemed so nice?

“Sorry about before” he smiled

“It’s fine really”

“Oh that’s good, I hoped that I didn’t scare you” he continued “oh great there at it again” I turned around to see what he was looking at, it must have been Eleanor and Louis, they were making out

“You must like her?” shit why did I say that please, please make him not hear that please

“Uhh… no, there my best friends” he blushed

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say it… I’m going to go” I smiled a walk off be for he could reply


That was so embarrassing, why did I even say that! It was none of my business anyway. That’s it I’m going, I continued to walk to my locker it would be my chance to leave before everyone would come to get there stuff. I pack my bag and headed to the exit door.

“Where you going?” said Harry


“You have just moved, your going to get lost” he smirked

“Fine… you wanna come?”

“Sure, Where to?”

“You tell me” I smiled, he grabbed my hand and we headed for his car

“How bout we go to my favourite place?”

“Um… I’m not sure that I…”

“Please just trust me?”

“Argh… Okay fine, just get me out of here”

We got in the car an we drove off, I don’t know why I trust him he has this feeling about him, like I can let the world go by. We drove for a while, and began arrive at a forest area. I began to get worried what happens if he wants to hurt me, I would have to run for miles to get help...

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