Prison is what we call school

We your parents have to travel every where for work so do you, Ashleigh is a girl who has decided that she is not going to make new friends anymore because she doesn't want to move and have to leave them behind, but what happens she learns that making friends and relationships is the possible reason that can allow her to stay. Join the adventures and romance of Ashleigh and her friends.


9. I have to get away

It can't be! He wouldn't do this to me he wouldn't. I looked at the two figures, one was medium build and had curly brown hair, the other had brown hair and was almost as tall as the boy. There lips we attached together. Why would he do this to me? After last night, we spent the first night together after not seeing each other in ages his a prick I hate him I officially hate Harry Styles, oh and that girl to I hate her I hate Jill. I wanted to fall back asleep, all I could think about was them kissing, what about Ricky know wonder they did it when everyone left, they thought they would be fine with me asleep, but nope they were wrong. I had to do something. I got out of my cold cave and began walking quietly over to were they were, they clearly didn't hear me, I walked around them and sat right in front of them. I watched as if they didn't care about what they were doing, cheating on there loved ones. I had to stay quiet but I couldn't, tears began to fall down my face, and my nose became running. I started to cry harder which began to make sound, he promised me that he wouldn't cheat on me! He said that he would love me, and care for me but he lied. I began to make a noise, breathing in through my nose to stop the dripping, that was the sound that stopped them.


The both looked around to see me sitting there all red eyed and then he began to speck.

"A... A... Ash, I'm sorry" was all that came out of Harry's mouth that was it! I had heard to many sorries from him, they didn't mean anything anymore, to him they were just to words

"Ash... please don't tell Ricky!" begged Jill

"W...What! Why shouldn't I huh?!" I raised my voice "You think it's okay to cheat on your boyfriend, and kiss mine?"

"Ash... calm down, we never made it official"

"What so all those things you said to me in the forest were lies!" I began to cry "I th... I thought you loved me Harry, you said you would care for me and love me... lies, Harry don't you get it your nothing but lies. No wonder you mother left you! You are an asshole, and I was stupid enough to trust you" I began to yell "Well you know what Harry fucking Styles... fuck you and you stupid friends and family." 

"How dare you Ash... How could you say that about my mother! You bitch, she loves me Ash she loves me okay!" he yelled, I stood up and began to walk off 

"Harry she... did love you! Not now not ever" I continued to run off to Liam's house I needed to get to a car and get away I needed to run away, I needed to get away from everyone, fuck that if we were going to stay there all weekend, not me.

I finally arrived to Liam's house, I had to go through I need to see if they were in there, I walked through to the kitchen where they were all siting eating there breakfast and drinking there warm coco.

"Is everything alright Ash?" asked Zayn

"No, Zayn it's not everything not fucking alright, I need to borrow someones keys please, I need to go home!"

"Were not letting you go like this" said Sarah "Please tell us what's happened"

"You want to know! It's Harry and Jill! you should of watched them! you should of stayed there with them! Go down and ask them yourself, Ricky I'm sorry! Hayden I'm sorry for bringing that stupid prick with us! I'm so fucking sick and tired of being sorry!!" I cried "So... please just give me the keys" everyone just stared at me like I was a crazy old lady, in actual fact I wish I was I wish I could just turn old and dye. I just wanted to go home. All of a sudden everything turned black.


I woke up in the front seat of a car. I looked at who the drive was, Mrs Payne.

"You awake now love?" she asked kindly

"Yes thanks, what happened?"

"You fainted, we took you home but your parents left a notes saying they would be back in a couple of days so you will be living we me and Liam for a little while" she smiled

"But, everyone's going to be there" I began to cry

"No sweetheart, the've all gone home we asked them to leave"

"Oh thank you, how is Liam?"

"Oh his gone out with Danielle for lunch he wants to ask her out" she winked

"Oh how lovely"

We continued to drive in silence, 20 minutes later we arrived back at the Payne's, I took a bath and Karen (Liam's mum) washed my hair. I got dressed and went to bed my head hit the pillow and I fell into a deep sleep.


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