Prison is what we call school

We your parents have to travel every where for work so do you, Ashleigh is a girl who has decided that she is not going to make new friends anymore because she doesn't want to move and have to leave them behind, but what happens she learns that making friends and relationships is the possible reason that can allow her to stay. Join the adventures and romance of Ashleigh and her friends.


6. Camping Time

We arrived at a clearing in which we put everything down, we all stretched our arms out.

"I think it's going to be a good night" suggested Zayn

"I agree" we all said 

The boys pulled out the couches in which they made beds, there were also some mattresses to sleep on the ground with. The food was placed on a picnic rug with plates and cups. Harry started the little fire in the pit and we all began to tuck in to our warm food. 

I sat next to Harry who wasn't eating, nor touching his drink

"Are you okay?" I asked

"Yeah, it just seems so surreal. Like none of this is happening"

"Harry, it is were all friends now. I promise" 

"Thank you Ash" he whispered in my ear, it gave me shivers down my spine. I was happy that everything was working out, we all finished our food including Harry. We sat there in silence thinking about what we would do in the future, weither we would still be friends, get married have kids. It's like we all knew what we were each thinking, this was the moment we all knew that we would have to forgive and forget, and I thats exactly what we did after what felt like hours Louis spoke up.

"How bout we play a game?" he asked, we all nodded our heads not ready for the interruption "Truth or dare and who ever can't do the dare or dosen't want to answer the question has to take one piece of clothing off each time, who wants to begin? Niall okay thank you for starting" he laughed

"Louis, truth or dare?" asked Niall


"Go and exchange a piece of clothing with the person on either side of you" laughed Niall

Louis stood up and change the most wimpiest thing... his jacket and he changed it with his girlfriend

"Your turn Louis" yelled Hayden

"Okay, Okay Eleanor Truth or dare?" asked Louis

"Truth... I choose truth" she answered nervously 

"good choice... If you could choose a person you know personally for a threesome who would it be?"

"Oh, fuck you dirty dog Louis! I would chose argh nope Louis I'm not going to answer that" she laughed 

"One piece of clothing off babe" he raised. Eleanor stood up and took of her shoe, we burst out laughing

"Truth or dare Harry?" she smirked 

"Oh come on seriously! dare" he laughed


"I dare you to make out with Ash" she laughed

"Fine I will" He turned and put his hand on my cheek he kissed my lips passionately, I could feel the sparks running through my body, the kiss felt rough and hard, I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and i could feel Harry's hands slowly make there way to my lower back, pulling me in harder. We pulled away to gasp for air. He gave me one last peck on the lips and we turned around to continue on with the game.

"You call that making out?" laughed Louis

"Yeah? Why what do you call it" smirked Harry

"That was more like full on mouth sex" he snickered

"It looked like they enjoyed it though" added Hayden

"I can say that I did" laughed Harry "Anyway my turn, Jill truth or dare?"

"um... I'm going to go with truth"

"Okay, Do you have a crush on anyone sitting here and if so who?"

"Okay, I would rather stay warm so Ricky I have a big baby crush on Ricky" she smiled nervously 

"Ohh" cooed louis "Does anyone know the time?"

"Yep. um... its 8:30" said Liam as he looked at his watch

"Anyway Sarah truth or dare?" asked Jill

"Dare" she laughed 

"Okay Sarah I dare you to kiss your crush, weither he has a girlfriend or not"

"Fine!" Sarah stood up and walked over to Louis, she latched her lips onto his, at first you would think that he wasn't going to kiss her back, but after a little while they were getting into it. You could see Sarah's hands on Louis cheeks, he moved his hand you your lower back pushing her into him hard. I looked over at Eleanor who was laughing her head off.

"You guys can stop now" she giggled

Sarah and Louis finished there kiss, she went up to Eleanor.

"Don't worry babe, it meant nothing"

"If you take him from me, your a dead bitch" she laugh

"Deal" the two girls shook on it

"okay does anyone want to do something different?" I asked, no one answered the all just looked at each other

"Hey Ash?" asked Ricky


"Did you want to come for a walk with me?" he asked kindly

"Um... babe what about me?" butted in Jill

"Jill, please I'm trying to make new friends" he winked

"Oh what" she laughed

"So what do you say Ash?"

"If no one minds" I smiled at Jill and stood up

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