I finally found you!

Bay and Alicia where best friends. One day they got together with friends ... they found each others birth certificates and matched them up and found out they were sisters. How will this effect their future and friendship?


3. chapter 3

Bay's P.O.V


We were as far away from the carnavel as we could, but we got stopped my Harry and Niall grabbing us and hugging us.

"What was that all for?!?!?!" Harry asked so confused with Niall having the expression.

"We are so sorry but that was my dad and when were very little my mom pasted away and when that happened he went a little crazy. So that happening he would do crazy and scary things that no girl dreams of happening to them."  i said shaky and then i just broke down crying with the tought of what used to happen

Niall interupted," What did you do after that hapened??"

Alicia answered for me,"She just planned day after day to run away and get as far as possible away from him, then my mom let her live with us because she knew what was happening because it was like she was living with us before. She never tryed to go back home."

"Bay why did you never tell me we are like best friends?!" Harry slightly shouted to me.

"Harry dont even understand I didnt want you to give me pitty, and i really didnt want you to know what did to myself.!!" I shouted back.

"Bay please dont tell me that you used to self harm!" i slightly nodded and kept my head down. "Take thoose braclets off please." he said as he lifted my head up.

 I removed my braclets and handed them to Harry as his eyes got red and his cheeks got blotchy he started to tear up.

"Bay can I make you one promise?"


"I promise to never let you cut ever again or that man come anywhere near you as long as your mine."

He finished what he was saying with a kiss.

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