I finally found you!

Bay and Alicia where best friends. One day they got together with friends ... they found each others birth certificates and matched them up and found out they were sisters. How will this effect their future and friendship?


2. chapter 2

Bay's P.O.V

After we had breakfast, we made the decision to go to the carnival. Alicia and I we were already ready and so we just headed off with the boys in Harry's Range Rover. It was an awkward drive there since we had a feeling that Harry and Niall liked us.


We arrived at the carnival Alicia, Harry, Niall and I went a different direction then the other boys. Harry and I went to the Ferris Wheel. Niall and Alicia went to one of the many roller coasters so I really couldn't find her. As Harry and I got to the top of the Ferris Wheel he looked over and said

"Bay I really have to get something off my chest." he said with nervousness

"Yeah say anything!"

"Well lately we have been spending a lot of time together and I have been having stronger feelings towards you."

"Umm well I don't really know how to process my feelings into words but I feel the same way about you"

"Since we have the same feeling's for each other...then eerrrmm you should be my girlfriend"

"Oh my god I would love to" I replied with excitement ad joy

Then Harry leaned in for a passionate kiss, he bit my lower lip for an entrance to my mouth. As we continued to kiss the ride came to a stop so Harry and I stopped kissing and got off the ride. We were waking around with our fingers entwined and giving each other pecks on the lips at random moments.

As we continued our romantic stroll throughout the carnival we bumped into Niall and Alicia. We started to talk a little but that was until we saw "him" and Alicia and I started to panic in a calmed fashion. Alicia and I yanked Harry and Niall's hand and went to go seek for the other boys. Once we found the other boys we scurried to the car and left the carnival. I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest because of how fast it was racing!


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