I finally found you!

Bay and Alicia where best friends. One day they got together with friends ... they found each others birth certificates and matched them up and found out they were sisters. How will this effect their future and friendship?


1. chapter 1

Alicia`s P.O.V 

(at my sleepover)

I woke up to the bright sun in my eyes, to roll over and find Bay sleeping safe and sound. I looked at the clock and rushed to wake up Bay because i rememebered that she said that Harry, Niall,Louis,Liam, and Zayn were coming to eat breakfast. We rushed up and got dressed. We both put on our favorite shorts and tank tops. We ran down stairs to find all the boys and my mum eating my moms famous chocolate chip pancakes. As we walked into the room we found Harry and Niall attracted by what we were wearing. 

"Hiiii" the boys cheered as we walked in.

"Good morning sleeping beauty" Niall stated to me as i blushed


Bay's P.O.V 

"Good morning beautiful" Harry said to me I smiled.

Me and Alicia sat down and ate some pancakes. 

"So what do u crazy kids have planned for today" my mom questioned

"we really dont know yet" I said in return 

But I'm sure what ever we do will be fun.

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