Better With You

Sorry I'm not good at descriptions but I'll TRY to make it good.


1. Remember When?




    "Remember the day we met, when our parents introduced us, and we didn't talk for a month?"I asked Harry. We were laying in my bed, watching tv. We were watching Titanic. My favorite movie.


    "Yeah."Harry said. He seemed a, today.


     "Haz, are you okay? You're acting....Weird."I asked him. I looked at him. He looked like he was deciding wether or not he should tell me something.


     "Okay, well, you know how my birthday is this weekend,"He said. I got nervous.


     "Okay?"I asked, wanting him to go on.


      "Well, my mom said I could audition for the X Factor."He said.


      "Harry that's great!"I said, though I really didn't think so. I mean he was really good, don't get me wrong, but, I'm going to miss him. Alot.


       He smiled. It was obviously fake. You could see it in his eyes. "You really think so?"He asked.


      "Yeah, I mean it's always been your dream to do this."I said.


          He pulled me closer and I slowly fell asleep.

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