Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


3. Two- In the beginning


In the beginning

The day had started in battle. The start of the never ending battle. I had been on the wrong side in the beginning and I have only half way succeeded in making my way back to good.


All we wanted out of this was to be equal to Him. We thought it was unfair for God to have all the power over the world. So after a few hours of planning and talking, we attacked. The war in the heavens began. The 200 angels on our side were thought to have won, but after 3 days and many lives lost, we were defeated.


I can still remember to this day, because of my perfect memory, the cries of the angels as we began our trip to become the fallen. The angels cried for forgiveness. But God would not allow it. He ordered that our wings be chopped off. Our precious wings were the only thing that we all loved. So one by one we were stripped from out gorgeous wings.


Once it came my turn, God had stopped.

"Your wings are white and not permanently black like the rest of your fallen friends." His voice stayed in my head and flowed out as slow as molasses. It took me a wile to comment on what He had said.

"I still love you my Lord. But my wings, they were black before, they can change you see, but I can not control it." I looked up at his glorious eyes. It seemed as if I was looking into the entire universe through His eyes.

"Please, have mercy on us my Lord, for we know our sins." I got down on my knees. Then He did the same and spoke into my ear.

"You have said that you love me. But you love another. You love Lucifer too. You praise us both but you want to only one. I have said that I shall dam everyone of you and I shall. Not even one sweet, young angel will change my mind. You see, you have crossed me once and only I can have power over everything. There is only one God and that is me. You are silly to think I shall  show mercy to you." His voice was the same heavenly voice whenever He talked.

"You are selfish to take all that power!" I yelled and then changed.


I felt an overwhelming amount of hatred for the Lord standing in front of me now. There was a silvery glow around me and my wings turned black and my armor changed. I grabbed my enchanted sword and swung at Him. But just as I was about to slice into God, time seemed to slow and He was the only one that seemed unchanged by it.

"I am sorry my beloved Ourania. One day you will see why I must keep all the power." He paused. "I have always thought of you as a child, my favorite child. You always have my  blessing and I will protect you with it. I am sorry again for what I must do. And you will most likely never see me again." He kissed my forehead and time started again. I felt as if I was wounded and dropped my sword. I fell to my knees and my wings were chopped off. They turned into ash and I was pulled away by other members of the fallen. No one had heard what He had said to me. I was glad.



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