Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


7. Six- Alliances



I was walking through the village when someone bumped into me.

"Oh, sorry." she ran away.

"Come back!" I ran after her. "Why are you running away?" I called to her. She stopped running.

"Mahona said not to talk to the strange people."

"He said you were evil."

"Do we look evil?"
"Not now but when you first came to the village, when you changed into strangely shiny covered things. That is when you all looked evil. Mahona thinks that you all come from a big dark whole in the canter of the earth."

"I see, well what if we didn't come from there? What if we came from a beautiful place with the Lord?" I asked.

"You did not come from there. You all have a darkness about you. We can't understand why." the girl backed off.

"So you are saying your leader, Mahona, told the village to leave us alone? And that we are evil? Well part of what you said about where we come from is right but it is very wrong at the same time." I paused. "Would you like to know the truth?" I had a mischievous smile playing on my face.

"What is the truth?" she questioned.

"Well, I'm not sure if Mahona would like you to know. He is your father right?" even my eyes were smiling.
"How did you know that?" she was afraid.

"We know everything." I smiled bigger and walked away.


"Lucifer, come with me." I told him and walked out of our hut, him fallowing right behind me.

"Uzza!" I yelled and he was at my side in a second.

"Where are we going?" Lucifer asked.

"To Mahona." I just got to his hut and barged in.

"Wha... What are you doing here?" Mahona was startled.

"You told the villagers we were evil, that we come from a dark whole in the ground, and that they should stay away from us. But you do not know the truth. Would you want to know the truth?" I had the mischievous smile again.

"We have no need for you here, no matter what the truth is." Mahona backed off just like his daughter had. He had fear in his eyes. Good.

"You fear us? Well you don't know the real reason to fear us." I paused and looked around. There were people gathering outside.

"To be truthful, I am a thousand years old and I am a fallen angel. God had our wings cut off because we wanted power over him. So now we are here. The real reason we are here though is to learn. So now I come to a part where you can choose to make a deal with me. You and your people will teach us all we need to know about life on earth," I paused to make sure he heard me, "Or I will personally slaughter every person in your village. Starting with your daughter." he thought.

"I will never make a deal with a demand." he spat.


I transformed and took out my sword. Then someone flashed in front of me. It was the girl, protecting her father. And I sliced her in half. Her blood spat out of her and dropped onto Mahona. He dropped to his knees.

"Teach us, unless you want to become like her!" I yelled.

"Fine," there were tears in his eyes, "we will teach you. But once we are done you will leave us."

"Deal, we start tomorrow." I walked off with Lucifer and Uzza behind me.


For the next year they taught us how to live on earth. We learned fast and most of us did not have the patience for some of the things. But we did not kill another parson in the village. We would threaten to kill them but never did. Then as we left we could tell they were happy.

"Farewell Mahona, but just know, we will be back." Lucifer promised.

"And that time, I wont just kill your daughter." I laughed. Mahona's face turned and he was mourning. Then we were gone.


"Hello." someone came up to me.

"Good morning." I said.

"Not many people travel to our village. Why are you here?" he asked.

"We are here because we can be." I smiled.

"My name is Asisma, yours?" I thought of this boy as a curious mind. He did have a curious mind.

"Luvaneis." he said.

"The one who lights the path. Lovely name." I said.

"Your name means deceitful soul right?" Luvaneis asked.

"Something like that. Well I have to go. Tomorrow if you want to talk again, meet me at the river." I waved good bye and left.


The next day, just as the sun came up, I left the village and went by the river. I liked this human. I thought he could teach me things. About 3 hours later he showed up.

"For a wile there I thought you were not going to show up." I was sitting on a rock in the middle of a calm stream.

"I was not sure if I was going to come either." Luvaneis crouched by the river.

"So you want to know why we are here, in your village." I stood up.

"To be truthful, we picked your village at random. We were just traveling through and decided to stay." what I had said was not a total lie.

"Oh, well why were you traveling?" Luvaneis asked.

"Because we were not respected as we should have been. The leader resented us. So we had to leave." I explained.

"But then why did you go there?"
"We did not know this at first. But once we did we left. And if your village resented us too we would have to do the same that we did in the other village." I said.

"Well, we welcome you with open arms." he smiled.

"Good." I smiled. "So, is there any other questions you would like answered?"
"I don't think I have any more, for now."
"So then what do you want to do for the rest of the day?" I stepped off the rock and into the water. It only came up to my mid-thy. He didn't answer for a wile.


Luvaneis stepped into the water.

"We could swim." he said.

"How do you swim?" I asked. Luvaneis smiled, took my had and took me to a beautiful waterfall with a big deep part of the river underneath it. I was not scarred, because I could not die.

"I will show you." he jumped in and started paddling to a big rock in the middle.

"Just do what I did!" Luvaneis yelled to me. I jumped in and started sinking. He jumped in and saved me.

"Just start paddling with your hands and kicking your feet." he said and held me above the water. I started doing what he said and eventually learned to swim. When I was at the rock I climbed up.

"Good job, do you think you can do it without me holding you up?" Luvaneis asked.

"I think I can beat you to the other side." I challenged.

"No, I will definitely beat you." he smiled.
"Fine the first one to the other side wins. Go!" I jumped in and beat him to the other side.

"Wow, you are a fast learner." Luvaneis huffed.

"Yes I am, and I'm not even out of breath." I laughed.


As the sun went down we were still swimming. Then something scarred me an I would not go back in the water. Luvaneis tried to talk be into it.

"Come back in, it's a lot more fun to swim in the moonlight." he said.

"I think I am good." I said.

"No, come in." he took my ankle and pulled me in. I clinged to him. Then for a wile we swam some more.

"It is a lot more fun to swim in the dark." I smiled. Luvaneis yawned.

"Are you tired?"

"Just a little. I think I will stop for now." he got our and I fallowed him. Then we laid down on the rock.


I woke up in Lucanesises arms. How did I fall asleep? He woke a few seconds later after I had.

"Good morning." he said.

"Would you like something to eat?" I asked.

"That sounds nice." we got up and want to the village. Once we had eaten we just walked around talking of nothing in particular.

"Ou...Asisma!" someone yelled for me.

"Sorry, I must go." I said good bye and walked over to Gusion.

"What is wrong with you?" I whispered harshly.

"I'm sorry, but Lucifer would like to see you." Gusion dropped his head.

"What does he want?" I asked.
"I don't know but I think it has something to do with him." Gusion pointed to Luvaneis.

"You are the one who knows what the future holds." I walked to my hut. I had no idea why I was being summoned.


"You wanted to speak to me?" I said when I got in.

"Yes, please sit." Lucifer had me sit. I had no idea what was going on.

"Where were you last night?"
"With a boy, gathering information." I relaxed.

"What kind of information?"
"Just what the villagers were thinking about us, and I learned how to swim." I smiled. "I will show you one day."
"Well, I guess what you said was wrong Amy." Lucifer turned to finally face me and Amy came in.
"But I saw her! She kissed that boy." Amy crossed her arms.

"My love, my kisses are only for you." I looked at Amy in disgust.

"She did it, my love." she smiled. Then she walked up to Lucifer and kissed him.


I was appalled. I stood up and transformed. Then ran up to Amy and tore her from Lucifer. She was flung into the wall.

"How dare you." I snarled.

"Lucifer is not just yours." she snickered.

"He is not yours that is for sure."

"Maybe he is tired of the same, old, worn out, tasteless being that is named Ourania." I ran to her and smashed her head into the wall.

"You shall respect me! Or I will kill you without hesitation." I really had no problem with killing her.

"Ourania you shall do no such thing. But Amy, you shall respect Ourania and listen to her." Lucifer helped her up. Then he pushed me away. I turned back to my human form and walked out.

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