Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


8. Seven- Lucifer and our house


Lucifer and our house

"Why can't you understand?"I yelled.

"Why do you have to love him?" Uzza yelled back. We were in the living room, in our angel forms, with out swords ready to strike.

"You just don't understand!" I yelled.

"Uzza, Ourania, this is ridiculous. You both love each other, stop trying to hurt each other!" Lix yelled at us.

"Shut up!" Uzza lunged at Lix but missed and broke an ancient vase instead.

"That was 6 thousand years old!" Gomory scolded. "If you are going to fight take it outside!" ans I just left. Before I make it out the door Uzza caught me.

"I never loved you!" he said and I stopped. Uzza lunged at my arm and left a gash in it. I cried out in pain and flew off, with a broken heart.


"Ourania! Sit still!" Lix ordered.

"Make it stop!" I screamed.

"Gusion, hold her down!" Lix demanded.

"Stop!" he touched it.

"Ourania! Stop being childish you are going to louse your arm if we don't heal it right now!" Gusion said and straddled me.

"Get off! I yelled at him sitting on my chest. Lix plucked one of his feathers and got a bottle of wine. Then he transformed back into a human.

"Don't touch me!" I struggled to get up. He crushed the feather and sprinkled it into the wine bottle. The liquid turned gold.

"Purify." he pored the wine on my gash and I screamed. It felt as if someone was ripping off my arm. He pored the whole bottle on it. Once he was done Gusion got off of me.


"That gash should heal within a day or two." Gusion pointed to my arm.

"Clean that up." I ordered and pointed to the gold and red liquid.

"You have maids for that." Lix said a mater of fact.

"I said clean it up!" I yelled.


"Then what am I going to say when they ask why there s a red and gold puddle on the wood floor?" I put my hands on my hips.

"Fine we will clean it." Gusion said and started cleaning.


I was in Miami, right off the coast in The Setai. I owned the penthouse. It was very pretty but I liked the mansion better. The penthouse has 4 bedrooms, two masters with king sized beds and the other bedrooms with trundles. There was also a queen sized bed in another room. Then 4 bathrooms, 2 with large Jacuzzis and a steam shower. Two living rooms, a music room with a grand piano, violin, cello, and a harp. Then a private terrace with an eternity pool and a Jacuzzi. The only thing that was to die for what the wrap around view.


"When you are done just let yourselves out. And don't tell anyone where I am." I walked to my music room and started playing the most tragic piece I have written on my piano.


I was walking to the beach when someone caught my eye. For some reason I thought I knew who it was so I fallowed her. She met with a guy at a corner. They hugged and I thought I knew who the guy was also. I just needed to see their whole face. Then the guy spotted me and started running away tugging the girl behind him

"Stop!" I yelled and he stopped. "Come with me." I took them to the penthouse.


"What are you doing?" I placed my towel on the counter. "Why are you not with Lucifer?"
"We just left." the girl said.

"You can not just leave Sorath. And I am surprised that you decided to leave also Berneal. Why did you leave?
"We wanted to be alone." Berneal took Sorath's hand.

"You could have been together with Lucifer." I snarled.

"You have your happiness and we have ours Ourania. Now leave us alone and we will have no problems." Sorath warned.

"You know Lucifer will never take you back and it will take me a wile to pull some strings to let you back in with him." I said.

"Then don't worry about us, worry about yourself." she advised.

"You are the ones that should be worried." I turned around and got a bottle of wine.


"Would you two like some? It's dated back to when the first good wine was made. One of the first bottles." I explained. "We can catch up."
"We would like to leave Ourania." Sorath said.

"Oh I insist, don't worry about it being my last bottle I have an entire vault left." I got out the wine glasses.

"How do you have a whole vault left?" Berneal asked.

"I had a whole 7 batches of my favorite wine made for me by all my favorite wine makers. I do this for all my wine. And I get about 10 barrels out of each batch." I pored the wine.

"We do not want any." Sorath squinted.

"I insist." I handed her the wine and then handed Berneal some. "So why did you leave Lucifer?"
"Because w found love and wanted to be alone." Sorath was defensive.

"Please I mean no harm. Berneal tell Sorath I mean no harm. She will not listen to me and if she is truly in love with you then she will listen to you." I was sneaky.

"She knows that." he looked at her.

"Because she still listens to me and does not want to admit it to herself." I flavored my wine.

"I do..."
"Everyone listens to me Sorath, you just have to deal with it. Berneal listens to me, don't you?" I looked at him.

"I have always listened to you Ourania. And I will always give you my respect." he wouldn't look me in the eyes.

"Then," I lifted his chin with my finger, "teach your bitch to deal with it." I spat.

"I am no bitch you are! You are the mother of all bitches." Sorath clutched to her glass.

"I will take that as a compliment for now. But I know you have never liked me so for now please act lady like in front of your love." I smiled.


"So we come back to my first question. Why have you left Lucifer?" I squinted.

"We told you. Because we fell in love." Sorath said.

"So you were afraid that Lucifer would not approve? Well no worries about that. Did you want a normal human relationship? We all know humans are over rated. So I don't see why you have left. Now you are seen as a threat, you will be killed if anyone of them sees you. So why have you left!" I raised my voice.

"Because we are not of the fallen. We do not want to be. We have lived enough and we have decided to die. But we will only die when the time is right." Berneal said out of no where.

"And why do you believe this?" I asked.

"Because we heard Lucifer say it." Sorath said. I could not believe it. Lucifer wanted to die? Or was he in denial? I could not come up with a reasonable answer.

"Can we make a deal?" the answer I needed was a yes.


"You can always make a deal with us." Berneal said and Sorath huffed behind him.

"Go back to Lucifer. Tell him I sent you back and say that all you need to do is deliver a message."
"And what is the message?" Sorath asked.

"The first one is that you will always be welcome to join back. And the second one is for him to meet me at the restaurant on Loran. Can you tell him that? Do you know the restaurant?"
"The real fancy one? The one with the one kind of wine and seafood that is out of this world?" Sorath's eyes lit up.

"Yes that one. Oh and do not tell anyone where I am." I looked at both of them with warning eyes.

"We will never tell anyone where you are." Berneal said.

"Ok, then go." they walked out and I finished my wine.


I was sitting at a table waiting for him.

"Would you like something to drink? Or are you still waiting?" my server asked.

"No no, a bottle of your finest wine please." I wondered if Lucifer would ever come. I had finished the bottle and asked for another. Soon that one was gone as well. I was on my 3rd bottle when I had decided to go home and finish it there. But there he was, walking in. He was dressed nicely in a dress shirt and a tie with black dress pants and shoes. Then of course his hair was messy, but I liked it that way. It must have been almost midnight, the restaurant would be closing soon. But I sat down and he came to stand next to me.

"Order another bottle and come with me." he handed me about $700. "I will pay for your meal."
"But I haven't eaten anything. Just 3 bottles of wine." I said.

"I will pay for it." I took the money and got another bottle.


"Why are we at the beach?" I asked.

"Don't you just love the way the water sparkles in the moonlight?" Lucifer took a chug of wine.

"Yes, I guess it is pretty." I looked at the sand. Even though I had 2 1/2 bottles of wine I just had a little buzz.

"It reminds me of our house in Spain." he looked across the water.

"I haven't been to that house since half of it burned down." I felt guilty.

"I fixed it and it looks exactly the same." he smiled.

"That was my favorite house." I looked into his eyes.

"Ourania, I love you." he said it as if they were his last words.

"Lucifer?" I wanted to cry.
"Yes, my love." he put his finger under my chin.

"Are you really going to kill yourself?" a tear came to my eyes. As it fell Lucifer wiped it away.

"Please don't cry. My time is up and I can not live knowing that you don't love me."

"But I do love you, I do. Please live please." I begged and cried.

"What is the point? I see humans all the time, they are so happy and they only live foe about 90 years. So why am I not happy?" he cupped my cheek.

"Because our lives are complicated." I cried. "Please live." I dropped to my knees.
"I don't need to." Lucifers eyes looked glazed over.

"I love you." I crumpled inside. Then he started walking away.


"Lucifer!" I yelled. He kept walking.

"Get over here!" I stood up and wiped away the tears. He kept walking.

"Come here!" he stopped and looked at me.

"There is nothing you can say to change my mind." he said. I thought, then ran over to him and kissed him. We kissed and kissed. I took off his shirt and kissed his muscles.

"Do you..."
"Shh." I put my finger on his lips. Then I transformed and plucked a feather.

"Take us to our house." I blew the dust and within a second we were in our house in Spain. And we undressed each other, and kissed, and loved.


I woke up in our bed in my angel form, without Lucifer. I jumped out of bed and stepped on my armor. My sword was gone.

"No!" I yelled. My sword was by the glass french doors leading to the balcony. There was a blood trail, I fallowed it. Then I saw him, standing on the edge of a cliff about to jump into the rock filled ocean below. His sword was ready to slice his head clean off.

"Lucifer no!" I yelled and flew over to him. But it was to late. He had jumped and the ocean carried his ashes off.

"No!" a blood curtailing scream came out of me. "No!" I clawed at the earth. "No!" I fell to the ground and curled into a ball. "No." I cried.


The door broke off of its hinges as I busted it down. Everyone inside gasped.

"Who put the idea of dying into Lucifers head?" I yelled. No body answered.

"Who did it?"
"I did." Amy said, "But I know he would never do it."
"Well, he is dead. I watched him kill himself." I almost cried again.

"What?" she held back a scream.

"You heard me, and you are to blame!" I yelled. "Now you will die!" I lunged towards her.
"It wasn't all my fault. The only reason he even wanted to was because he thought you didn't love him anymore." a tear fell from her eyes. My sword whizzed past her head and missed. 

"Lucifer is not dead. He can't be." Astaroth questioned.

"Are you calling me a lair?"
"No but."
"He is dead!" I yelled.
"And it is your fault!" I swung at her head and cut her cheek.

"That is enough Ourania!" Asmodeus came over to me and took me to a room.


"Asmodeus, I miss him." I cried.
"That is your own fault. Now I suggest you leave before Amy decides to kill you."
"But I would be the next leader not her."
"She doesn't know that."

"She can do whatever she wants because I am done." I stormed out of their hotel and went to my penthouse.

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