Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


10. Nine- Who is he?


Who is he?

I was drunk. The penthouse was full of beer and wine bottles, and I didn't even know which ones were full an which ones were empty. I was trudging through the apartment and kicking bottles. The only thing I could think of was him. How he just fell off the cliff. The pictures of what happened played in my head like a movie that would not stop. That was all I could see. Then I came to my pool and sat down. My heart raced. I could not do what I came here to do. But I could think of it.  The air whooshing past me, the ground coming closer. Then the sudden stop. Why could I not do it? My feet dipped in the pool. It felt so good. It was not cold but not hot at the same time. It was just right. I wanted to see my wings, so I transformed and looked a them in the water. They were a beautiful white. Then they changed to a magnificent black. Right now I loved my black wings. They reminded me of Lucifer. My beloved Lucifer. I don't think I could live without him, but I guess I will figure that out in time.


I needed to do something. But the question was what. There was nothing in the world that I have not already done. So I took a walk. On my walk I passes many things. Many people walking and talking, by the ocean couples were kissing and I cried. But the next thing I saw made me think of what I could do. I passed a library and saw kids studying outside. It brought back memories of when I was learning in the beginning. Then it came to me, I can go to school. So the next thing I did was walk back to the penthouse. Then I searched for the nearest high school. I did not care what it was called, I just clicked on the first link and signed myself up. My name was Isabell Rose Franklin. I signed up as a junior and picked some random classes including marine biology, honors trig, honers english 11, french 2, art, honors chemistry, college prep, then study hall. Once I was done with that I foraged a birth certificate, some school records, and a school physical. After that I bought my books and went out for some school supplies and new cloths. All of that took my mind off of Lucifer. And I needed new clothes anyways because I had been wearing the same ones for about a week.


I really needed some help, and a car. I hadn't taken my car with me here so the first thing I did was go to a car dealership.

"May I help you miss?" a big man came up to me.

"Well I am looking for a car."
"Do you have a price point?" he asked.

"No, I cam buy anything." I looked around. "And I want something in red." I smiled.

"Well we have many choices for you then. Would you like to start with the cheaper cars or just go for the highest. Either way we have a lot of choices for you."
"I guess we can start in the middle or so." I said and we walked off. One of the first cars that we came up to was a mustang.

"What do you think of this one?" he asked.

"I like it," I was in the drivers sear, "but I think I would like something where I could put the hood down."

"That's fine then I think I have the perfect car for you." I closed the door and we walked off. Then we came to a perfect looking car.

"This is a 2013 Chevrolet Corvette convertible. I know that it is silver but we have a red one in the back. I just want to know if you like it then I will go get the red one for you and with a test drive and a few papers signed you can be off."
"I love it."
"Ok then, just wait here and I will be right back." he walked off and just as he said, he came back with a sparkly hot rod red one. Then he handed me the keys and I drove off. He was in the car with me and he didn't really say anything. All he did ask was how I like how smooth the ride was and that I should just ride around the block. Once we got back I signed the papers and got the keys and left to go get clothes.


I went to a mall. They had a lot. I bought from all the name brand stores and I did not care how much I spent. But I still needed to buy some school supplies. So I went to Staples and got 8 3-subject notebooks, 8 1-inch 3-ring binders, lost of cute pens and pencils, a cute pencil case, stick on dry-erase stickers and markers for my locker, and that was about it. All I did not have was a bag. But I could not find the perfect bag. I wanted a leather backpack but I could not find one. But for now I did not need one. So I went to my stuffed car and went home.

"Good afternoon miss." the doorman opened my door.

"Good afternoon, could you have someone take my bags to my room and have someone park the car in the garage please?" I handed him the keys.

"Yes I will do that. And every time I see that face of yours I mean to ask you your name."
"Isabell Franklin." I said and walked inside. When I got to my room I went on my computer again. I was looking for the bag. Then I found the perfect one but it was in Canada. No problem, I could be there and back within a few hours. So I stepped out onto the terrace and flew off.


It was my first day of school and I was deciding what to wear. There was so much to decide from. I had put together about 7 different outfits and could not choose which one to wear. So eventually I just closed my eyes, spun around and chose one randomly. My hand toughed a floral tea dress, a black leather vest, and black leather, lace up, platform peep-toe ankle booties. Then was the hardest part, picking out the accessories. After about an hour of examining my accessories I finally decided on a pare of dangle earrings with diamond flowers on them and diamond flower stud and a diamond stud, since I had my ears pierced 3 times. Then a few diamond bracelets. Finally, I chose a simple diamond necklace. Then, my hair. I went into the bathroom and noticed I did not have any hair products or makeup.

"Damit!" I yelled. There was no way I could get them at 3 in the morning. Or maybe I could. I got to the computer and looked up "stores that are open at 3 am". Within the first few I looked at I found a beauty store that was open all night. So I flew to it and within an hour I came back home with bags of stuff. Then I did my hair and makeup. For my hair I curled it and in the back I put a blue bow. It was so cute. And to finish it I put hairspray in to set it. For my makeup I put on eyeliner, several pink shades of eyeshadow, fake lashes, mascara, a little bit of blush, and pink lipstick. I looked heavenly. Even for an angel. Then I went to my closet again and got my backpack fulled with most of my school supplies. I put all of the makeup that I had just used into the front pocket. I was all ready for school.


As I rode into the school parking lot everyone was starring at me. For some reason I did not like being the center of attention. But I parked my car, put the hood up, locked it, and got out.

"Nice ride." a gut said as he walked by.

"Thanks." I muttered. The next thing I knew I was in the office.

"We are so glad to have you in out school Miss. Franklin. Now here is another copy of your schedule with your locker number and here is your lock. I could have someone show you around until first period and show you your locker and take you to your first class." the principle, Mr. Montgomery, said.

"That would be lovely Mr. Montgomery. I would like that very much." I looked at him with kind eyes.

"Oh and I should not forget to give you a map. Here you go." he handed me a map, "Now come with me and I will have someone show  you around." we got up and he took me to the main part of the office.

"Mark would you please show Miss. Franklin around and to her first class?" he asked and then went back to his office.


"You certainly come to school early." Mark said. He was a jock there was no question about that.

"But there was a tun of people in the parking lot." I said.

"That is because we are all in the 6 to 6 program."
"What is that?"
"That is when you have to be here at 6 in the morning until 6 at night. I hate it but there is no way I could blame someone else for putting yogurt in one of the teachers desks. Its way to good to not take the blame for it." he looked off like he was remembering what had happened.

"So what brings you to Miami?" he asked.

"My parents sent me here when they went to travel the world." I lied.

"Dang why did they not take you with?" he asked.

"It builds character to stay home alone all year." I laughed.

"Well its amazing you get to stay home alone." we came to my locker. I opened it and put my stuff in it then locked it.

"You are the one with the Corvette right?"

"Guilty is charged." we laughed.

"That is an awesome car."

"I just got it yesterday because I left my car at my old place." he showed me all of my classrooms and we went back to my locker to get my bag to bring to first period.

"Now remember, you only have the first 4 periods today then the last 4 tomorrow. Then on Friday you have all of them but they are switched around. And that there is different lunch blocks and you have A lunch right?" Mark asked.


"Then you have lunch with me today. You can sit with me if you want."

"That would be great." kids started coming in the halls.

"You remember how to get to first period right?"

"Yes and thank you for all of your help." he walked off and I went to first period.


I got to first period before everyone else did. I did not know where to sit so I went to the teacher.

"You must be the new student. Isabell Franklin right?" the teacher asked.

"Yes and you are?"

"Mrs. Lucy Black. You can call me Mrs.Lucy or Mrs. Back either one is fine with me. Now why don't you just wait here until we can find you an open seat." she went to the door and I just sat there. Soon the classroom was full of people and there was only a few seats open. Then the bell rang.

"Good morning class. We have a new student today. Her name is Isabell Franklin. Why don't you tell us a few things about yourself Isabell." she turned towards me.

"Well I like to shop, my parents are traveling the world as we speak, and I own the red Corvette outside." I said.

"Nice car." a guy shouted out.


"Well I see a seat next to Josh. You can sit there. And here are your books." she handed me my trig book and what looked like a notebook but I found out later that it was called a workbook. Then I sat in my seat.


Trig was boring because I knew everything. Then I went to chemistry. The teacher was not as kind as Mrs. Black. He just handed me a book and told me to sit down. I sat in a group of 3 next to a blond haired girl.

"Hello, my name is Mary, how are you?" she smiled.

"Good I am Isabell." I smiled back.

"This is Mike and Sky." she introduced the guys sitting at the table.


"We have to come up with a nick name for you because Isabell is way to long. Do you have a middle name?" Mary asked.

"That is pretty. Rose." Sky smiled at me and time stopped. He seamed as if he was an old friend. An old friend that I had loved dearly. But that could not be possible.

"Thanks." I said and class began.


I did not pay attention through the whole class. It did not really matter because I was there when all of this was discovered. I just could not stop thinking that I had seen this boy before. But I always came up to the conclusion that there was no possible way that I could have ever know him or have ever seen him. But something about his features reminded me of someone, and for some odd reason I could not figure out who. Even with my perfect memory, I was lost on figuring out where I had seem him. Then the bell rang and I had to go to study hall. My mind was still filled with his face and I was still figuring out the mystery.

"Hay there." Mark was in my class.

"Hi how are  you doing?" I asked.
"Fine." he said and we started working.

"So, are you going to eat lunch? Or do you want to get something at the quickey go?" he asked as we walked to lunch.

"What is for lunch?"

"I think chicken and dumplings." he made a gross face.

"I take it chicken and dumplings is nasty? Well then what is at the quickey go?"
"Oh you will love it. They have coffee and slushies and pizza and pretzels and nachos and popcorn and anything you can think of." he told me.

"Do they have pepperoni pizza?"
"Yes that's my favorite!" he cheered and took me to the quickey go. Then we got our pizza and went to a table. Mark pulled a chair out for me and sat next to me.

"Rose! You are sitting with us!" Mary cheered.

"Well I am glad to see you too." I smiled.

"I can tell you have met Mary and that is Gorge, Roy, Alec, Sammy, Grace, and Sky is still in line." Mark introduced me.

"She already met Sky." Mary said.

"Ok then missy. Why don't you just eat." Mark said and took a huge bite out of his pizza. We all started eating then Sky came.

"Pull up a seat man." Roy took a seat from behind him.

"That link for the quickey go was so long. I could have plowed through about 100 people to get to the register." Sky said.

"There was only a little link when Isabell and I got our pizzas." Mark said with a mouthful of pizza.

"Dude, do you know how to not be a pig when you eat?" Gorge laughed.

"Sorry I'm starving and I don't get to eat anything before practice tonight." he took his last bight of pizza.

"You eat like someone who hasn't eaten in a year." I said.

"I haven't!" he yelled.


"So, Rose, how do you like our school?" Grace asked.

"It's nice. But my old school was better." I lied. "In my last school we went out to eat for lunch. I was in a private school. But everyone just fought with each other and all that mattered was if you had money."

"Well we don't care about that, not really." Sammy smiled.

"That's good." I smiled back at her and took a bite of my almost finished pizza.

"Where did you live before here?" Sky asked.

"Really! Oh it must have been wonderful!" Mary smiled.

"To be truthful its nothing that special." I frowned as I remembered Uzza.

"How?" Mary asked.

"It's just not like how people talk about it. Yes the beaches are nice but every time I went to one someone had to ruin my time there. So I guess I would say why don't you just go there and find out for yourself if you like it." I explained.

"I would if I had the money and the time but I don't so I can't." she frowned and looked at her food.

"Well I am going there in a couple of weeks." I did not know why I had just said that. "You can come with me if you want."
"Really?" she was excited.

"Yah anyone can come with. I have some business to take care of with my family. I guess I could stay there for a couple days longer if you wanted to come with."
"That would be amazing! I'll come with!" she walked off to put her tray up.

"Why don't we all come with?" Mark asked.

"I don't know Mark. We just met Rose." Roy didn't trust me.

"That's fine you don't have to I still do not know when I am going." I took the last bite of my pizza.

"No we are all going. It'll be our last chance to do something fun together before winter comes. Besides Isabell is not going to murder us in out sleep or anything."
"I could if I wanted to." I smiled as I said it in my head.

"Mark your calendars guys! We are leaving in a week." Mary came back.

"But I have a football game." Mark wined.

"Just say you are going to a funeral. And to make that more convincing start crying." Sammy said.

"Ok then I'll get everything suited for our trip." I got up to throw away my trash.

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