Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


5. Four- We are the fallen


We are the fallen

"I give you the earth to rule over and the ability to blend in with the humans. There are the only blessings I shall give to you. You will see the death all around you with your endless lives. You shall rule over the humans if you wish to. But you already have the power to do that." He almost growled at us. No He would not allow Himself to growl at us. To Him we are nothing but the fools who He disapproved. And then, with a twitch of His fingers, we fell. The clouds would not hold us anymore and we started to fall through. Angels screamed as they fell and they clung onto the clouds. I was the last one to fall. Before I did He looked at me, and His eyes were different. Instead of looking into them and seeing the universe, I just saw me, and I think that was all He saw too. I could see the sorrow in His face and He looked at me with love. Then I let go and reached for Him. But he let me fall all the way to the hard cold black ground of earth.


Lucifer helped me up.
"I do not need your help." I spat.

"Well then I am sorry for being kind." he stepped back. Someone started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" I walked up to Beelzebub.

"Because He gave us what we wanted." Beelzebub smiled. I smacked him.

"He gave us nothing! We wanted to rule the heavens not this terrible world!" I snarled. I went to hit him again but Lucifer caught my arm.

"That is enough Ourania!" he glared at me.

"Get your hands off of me! You ruined everybody's life! We could still be living like we should be in the heavens! But you convinced us that we needed equality! There is no equality in any world!" I took my arm back.

"Ourania has a point Lucifer, there is no equality. So then there shall be no equality in this world and we shall rule over it." Uzza declared. "We shall rule the mountain tops and the valleys below, in the deep oceans, and the dry deserts. We shall rule the animals that roam through the wilderness and the humans who think they rule over this land. And we will stop at nothing to have our way! Who is with me?" Uzza shouted. The fallen cheered.

"Then we shall rule!" Lucifer cheered and we set off for our conquer.


"You are foolish!" I yelled.

"Do not raise your voice to me." Lucifer warned.

"Do you really think you can rule earth?" I asked.

"Why not?"

"Because people will still believe in Him and with that, we will never win." I shook my head.

"Lets just fit in." Lucifer put his hand on my arm. "I'm just saying what would be best." I looked at the floor.

"But our differences need to be praised." he smiled. I didn't say another word. And he didn't need me to say more.


It was dark, which was weird to us because the sun never went down in heaven. Some of the fallen thought it was going to be permanently dark. But only a few hours later we saw the sun coming up from behind the trees. Nobody liked that the sun disappeared but we would just have to deal with it.


The first day we were on earth we just went to find civilization. We walked for hours and finally came to a small village. As we walked through everybody walked away from us. Then someone who seemed like the leader stepped up to us. He spoke to us but we did not know what he was saying. Then Lucifer stepped towards him. Several villagers tensed.

"It's alright, all we want to do is negotiate." he said. They didn't understand us. Lucifer took another step forward.

"Stop!" the villagers pointed weapons at us. We all transformed into our angel forms. We still didn't have our wings. Just stubs. The villagers poked at us with long pointed sticks. Then I felt something. It was a feather, the last one, on me. Our feathers had magical purposes. I picked it, crumpled it, and blew it.

"Let me speak your language." I said. Then when the villagers were talking I understood them. I told them to back off politely. Then I explained what we needed. So within that day we all had huts to live in and food to feed off of. But Lucifer was still not happy. I felt as if he would never be happy.





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