Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


6. Five- There is no good, without evil


There is no good, without evil

As I flew someone grabbed me and we went hurling towards the ground. I fought to get free and when we were inches from hitting the ground I got free but skidded across it anyways.

"What is your problem!" I yelled.

"You were to be killed." Lillith smiled.

"Ok Lillith, I am sure that order was taken away by now. Now back to the present, where are the children that we all know you have kidnapped?"

"What children?" she played.

"Lillith stop." I frowned.

"Ourania." she smiled. "It really is nice to see you again."

"Stop playing Lillith. Where are the children?" I asked nicely for the last time.

"Oh yes the children." she clasped her hands. "I have had my fun with them. But I know you don't want to know about that. You want them back in their warm beds with their mommies and daddies. Well too bad! You can't have them!" she sneered.

"They need to go home Lillith." I put my hand by my sword. "Just because you can't have your own child does not mean you take others."

"You know if you kill me you will never know where they are." she had an expressionless face.

"I will get them one way or another." I promised. I heard footsteps behind me. As I turned to attack 2 big heavily built angels dropped me to the ground and pinned me there.

"Hello Abaddon, Apollyon, nice to see you." I glared. I transformed back to human form and they took me away.


There was no point in putting a hood over my face. I would know where we would be going anyways. But then we went into an underground tunnel. Why would there be a tunnel? Then we were in a garage. We must have been under their house. They are dumb, why would they take me to their house? But once they took me out of the car and up the stairs it was just an empty warehouse.

"I know you like to keep moving, but I am sure you can afford better than this dump." I smiled. Apollyon went to punch me but I twirled out of its way and he fell flat on his face.

"Well now I know which twin got the brains." I smiled bigger and giggled a little bit. Abaddon came up to me and held me by my shirt.

"If you talk to my bother that way you are talking to me the same. So I suggest keeping your mouth shut." he let me go.


"Why am I even here?" I asked.

"You were ordered to die." someone said and by the pitch of the voice I could tell immediately who it was. The voice just pierced through my head.

"And you would still be fallowing those orders Amy. But I am sure Lucifer doesn't want to kill me anymore." I smirked. Amy flipped her raven hair. She did look heavenly, just like all the rest of the angels. But her eyes are stone cold gray. Once her eyes were green, a forest green almost brown. They were so pretty.

"Well I haven't been given that order. So why don't we ask him?" What? Lucifer was here? No he couldn't be I could not see him again.


But he was here and he looked hurt. His eyes were sad and the beautiful blue was replaced with black. Amy cliged to his perfectly muscled arms and body and ran her fingers through his dark brown hair.

"Should we kill her?" Amy asked. She spoke near his ear and bit it a little. I wanted to run up to her and slice her in half. She loves someone who she can not have.

"Lucifer please." I begged.

"Leave us." Lucifer ordered.

"But..." Amy tried to protest.

"I said leave!" he pushed her off him. Amy stumbled and walked off. Everybody left and took one look back but went outside as they were ordered.


I was the one to speak first but I didn't want to be.

"It hurts me, when Amy is all over you. I just want to tare her off of you so I can take her place." he still didn't talk. "And whenever I see you I want to run up to you and kiss you." still nothing. "But I don't because at times I wish that I didn't love you."

"Then why do you love me?" his voice was sad and I could tell he was hurt by what had recently happened that day.

"You can't choose. who you love. It's just something that you feel and can't change or decide." I said and we stood there in more silence. "I wanted to kiss you today, but I just got scarred and everything was too overwhelming." I said. His expression changed a little.

"You wanted to kiss me?" his voice had a hint of love in it.

"Yes, I really did."
"Then why did you rum away?"
"I told you it was too overwhelming." I took a few steps towards him.

"Why?" Lucifer looked happier.
"Because I promised myself I would never kiss you again." I paused and looked at his reaction. He sank bac
k into his hurtful shell again.

"And that I would never love you again." he needed to hear it.

"But you do love me."

"But I don't want to!" I yelled.


"Then why do you?" he yelled back.

"I can't choose to love you!" he stepped towards me and I stepped back.

"Why do you love me Ourania?" he yelled.

"I don't know!"

"Why do you love me?"

"I don't know!" I was getting frustrated.

"Why do you love me?" he kept yelling at me.

"Because I am the only one good enough for you! Amy is not right for you! I am!" I revealed to both of us. I was surprised.

"You were mine first, before all of this, and we were perfect for each other. She is not right for you." I said. He came up to me and stood there.

"We were perfect." he ran his fingers through my dark brown hair.

"But now we are not meant for each other. You rule the evil fallen angels, you can't even see that you need to choose the good." I held his hands. "And I need to get the children back home." I went back to what I needed to be done.

"I will make sure Lillith returns the children." he whispered. Then for the second time today we kissed. This time I did not run away, or even want to run away. I wanted to be in his arms, and I was.


"Ourania?" Lucifer asked.

"Yes." I smiled.

"Can you stay with me?" he asked.

"No." I frowned.

"You still wont change. So I will not stay with the evil."
"I am never going to change. And you were the one who made me this way." he blamed me.

"You always had evil in you, do not blame me for who you already are." there was a pause and I walked away.

"Good can not exist without evil!" Lucifer yelled to me.

"Then it's a good thing I am neither." I said and opened the door I came in from. Then I was gone.


When I got outside there was an old friend waiting.
"Why have you left?" Asmodeus asked.

"Why shouldn't I. And where is your evil scowl?" I asked.

"I don't know, and I do not scowl. Why did you leave last time?" he questioned.

"Because I couldn't die."
"Why not?"

"Because he needs me, you all do." I felt sorry for them.

"We do not need help from you!" he laughed and returned to his usual evil look. "Why would we need help form you?"
"Because I am the only one you all listen to."
"What about Amy?" he tested.

"She listens to Lucifer and Lucifer listens to me."

"Do I listen to you?"
"You should, you used to." I said.

"I did?"

"Yes, you would always listen to me. You used to fallow me around like Amy does to Lucifer." I laughed.

"That is enough! I did no such thing!" he yelled.

"Yes you did." I poked him. He caught my hand and pulled me towards him.

"What are you going to do? Turn me into Lucifer? I'm sure he does not want to see me."

"I'm sure he does."
"You do? Well you would louse your head then. But if you want to go ahead." I was right, Lucifer would kill the next person who brought me to him.

"Fine, go home." Asmodeus through my arm out of his hand.

"Thank you." I gave him a little kiss on his cheek. He softened at my touch.

"Good bye Ourania." he melted.


I was sitting in the middle of a valley, my valley. Just sitting on a rock, my sings almost wrapping all the way around me. I picked up a flower and smelled it. It was a lilly of the valley and the faint smell was intoxicating. I picked some more and make a little tiara. Then the winds changed.

"You haven't been here in a wile."
"I have had no reason to be here." I turned to see his face. "Why are you her?"
"I worry about you." Lix put his hand on top of mine. He saw my flower tiara.

"You are really that sad?" he smiled.

"I wanted my halo back." I ripped the flowers off my head.
"We all do sweet heart."
"But we can't unless we all worship Him." I looked into the sky. "He said we must understand why He must be the only one with power over everything. I am 9 thousand years old and I still don't know why Lix."
"I don't think anyone will ever know completely. But if you think about it you can always ask Him." he commented.

"And how is that?"
"Well humans talk to Him through prayer, wouldn't you think we would be able to do the same?"
"I guess so." I gave up on the thought right away. He would not talk to the fallen.


"I remember when you first came here, you said it reminded you of heaven." Lix smiled.

"It does, it's so peaceful. And when the sun sets, it's golden." I smiled.

"It's not really golden, is it" Lix was curious.

"Yes, it is, it looks like heaven." I smiled bigger.

"Well, I am fine here, on earth, and I don't want to be reminded of my life before or heaven. So I am leaving." he kissed me goodbye.

"Can you tell Uzza not to worry about me?"
"I don't think he wants to see anyone." he frowned and flew off.


The sun came up and went down. I didn't leave the valley, but as the sun rose again I flew off to see Uzza.

"Don't frown my little dove." I came up from behind him.

"That is what I used to call you." he smiled but it didn't last long.

"There is no reason to frown my black bird."
"I am not a black bird anymore." he smiled again and that one lasted a few seconds longer.

"Then are you my white bird?"
"If you want me to be."
"Don't frown my white bird." I smiled. Uzza came up to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Love me little dove."
"I already do." I looked into his aqua eyes.

"How can I know when you love so many?"
"Uzza, my sweet," I cupped his cheek in my hand, "I love everyone who needs to be loved." I was still looking in his eyes.
"Not everyone needs to be loved by you." I dropped my hand and walked out of his embrace.


"Come back my little dove." Uzza took a step towards me.

"I can't be your little dove if you can't trust me."
"This is not a trust issue. You should not love another man, angel, whatever when we are together. So why do you?"
"Then why are we even together? You know I love them both and you. I love you all dearly. I love you all the same. Why can't you accept that?" I asked.

"Because you should just choose one. And that should be me." he put his hand on my shoulders.

"I can't, and I will not." I said.

"Please." he ran his hand slowly down my face.

"No." I held his hand on my cheek.

"If you are telling me to choose then I will not be able to. I will not be able to in my endless life choose anyone." I blinked slowly.
"I just can't. And if you don't understand that is alright. I still love you." I gave him a kiss and walked off.


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