Forever Fallen

The fight between good and evil, who will win?


9. Eight- My first real love


My first real love

Luvaneis and I had become good friends. We spent every minute that we could together. Bit eventually,  we took over the village and he fled. After that village we took over another and another. Soon we ruled over 15 villages. I had made a friend in each of them. But as soon as we took over they fled. Then we came to Egypt and we crossed people making pyramids. For some reason Lucifer did not want to take over them, but just live with them. And, like all the rest of the places we had stayed, I found a friend. His name was Asim.

"Protector." I smiled.

"Yes." he blushed.

"I am Olufemi."

"Beloved of the gods. Lovely name." he smiled and that was the start of the end.


Over the next year and a half Asim and I became better friends than all the other humans I had ever befriended. But I could never tell him that I was not human. From the beginning Lucifer told each and every one of us never to reveal that we are not like the humans if it was not necessary. He was very strict about this rule here in particular. I think that he was fascinated by the way that the Egyptians lived, even though it was not that much different that anywhere else that we had gone. But they did believe in a different God. Actually they believed in many gods but it was no different from anywhere else. Then one nigh he told me why he was different about this place.


"They believe that their leader, the pharaoh, was chosen by the gods to rule them. That is just ridiculous! First off there is only one God and He would never do such a thing and second off. Well they are just crazy, that is it. But the whole thing is just a scam. Don't you think the pharaoh would know if he was chosen by the gods or whatever to rule the people? But no he has no idea. And don't you think anyone would be able to say that they are the one to rule the people because the gods told them that? Well I guess the people are not smart enough for that. So then how do they really know that the gods chose them? By blood line. And there is a fault in that too. How do they know that someone didn't just say one day that they should rule the people? Well I know the answers to everything and I know the truth." he was on a rant.

"And what is the truth?" I did not believe he knew the truth.

"Well, I have been watching them from the beginning." he smiled.

"You couldn't have been." I was doubtful.

"I have been. I know that in the beginning someone just told everyone they ruled over them. But he made sure that no one told the next generations about this. So then he made up the gods and everything the people believe in today. Back then no one was smart enough to believe in just the one God and made a god for everything that happens so he was not really thinking that hard on what the god did. But then he told his son that the gods chose him to rule and after him it would be his son who would rule. So everything the people believe is a lie." he smiled.

"Alright, well I have to go and make dinner." I stepped out of our hut.


Soon Lucifer was a foreign king to the pharaoh and I was his queen. The whole empire praised us. And for some reason the pharaoh was as fond of us as Lucifer was of them. The pharaoh had many wives and Lucifer was against it. Two of his wives were his sisters. They were really nice to me and asked me many questions of why Lucifer had only one wife. My answer was that we just did not believe in it. They usually snickered and then we kept talking about something. But one of the wives despised us and one night she made the pharaoh turn against us.


"No Fenyang, don't" I yelled.

"Get off of me." Lucifers eyes were on fire.

"What are you Fenyang? Why are you here?" the pharaoh was cautious. I never did learn his name.

"Lucifer don't do it. Don't expose us." I whispered into his ear.

"Don't let your bitch push you around! Tell me!" the pharaoh spoke of me the wrong way.

"What did you call me?" I turned to face him.

"Get out of here you bitch, this is the time for the men to talk." he waved me off. I snarled.

"You have no idea what 'bitch' you are talking to." I clenched my teeth.

"A bitch is a bitch now leave!" he yelled. I gave us away and jumped into the air landing the pharaoh on the hard ground.

"I am no bitch, do you see me? My wings are starting to grow back. They used to be beautiful. My name is not Olufemi either. I am an angel. And there is only one god." I snarled.

"Shh. We do not have to tell anyone about this do we?" I placed my hand on my sword.

"" he answered.

"Good, but don't think I wont do it, I have killed many humans. And I will kill you id you get in my way." I got off of him then transformed back into my human form.

"Oh, and you are now ruled by us. Because if you do not do what I tell you, you will die one thousand times and by then you will be begging me to kill you." I walked out with an evil grin on my face laughing.


So then we ruled the Egyptians and a lot more. But this time I did not have to see my friend flee. We stayed there long, maybe for 4 years. Then something happened.


"Asim! Run!" I yelled.

"No, come with me. I can not leave without you!" he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me away with him.
"No, leave!" we were in the middle of a war.


"Meet me at the sphinx." I looked into his eyes. Then he ran off.

"Lucifer!!!" I screamed and he was at my side. "Are we going to fight or leave?"
"No no. We are not going to let our empire crash and burn by another big empire. We are going to talk. Come fallow me." we walked through the heart of the fight. Nobody tried to kill us surprisingly. Then we came to the leaders.

"Kill them!" the head leader ordered.

"No stop." Lucifer ordered.

"Kill them!!!" he ordered again. I transformed. A man came running towards me and I swiftly cut through him.

"Is there anyone else that you want me to slay?" I evilly smiled.

"What are you?"
"Good you are afraid. So now I will ask you, are you afraid of death?" I went up to him.

"" he stepped back.

"Yes? Well then I will make a deal with you. Are you going to fight me or join me?"
"I will.. I ... I will never... never join you."

"You can't even make complete sentences without stuttering. But I will ask you again, are you going to join me?"
"Never." he stood up tall.

"Then I am sorry." I sliced him in half.

"Does anyone want to die or do you want to join me?" nobody answered. "Lets make this easy. Whoever does not want to louse their head raise your hand." everyone raised their hand. "Now call off my men." I smiled. Lucifer put his hand on my shoulder.

"You can take care of this right?" I have him a kiss and walked off.


"Asim?" I was at the sphinx.

"There you are. Come on we have to go." he tried to pull me away.

"No the war is over. There is no need to flee. Come back. I told him.

"How is it over?"
"They just pulled back their men and made a truce with the pharaoh. And now there is going to be a feast in honor of the truce." I explained.

"Well that is amazing. But how is it over so early?"
"I have no idea."

"For some reason I do not think you are telling me the truth. You always know what is going on. And what is this?" he pointed to something I had taken from the other leaders.

"Oh that is nothing." I lied.

"Please tell me the truth." he moved my hair behind my ear. I came closer to him and my lips up to his.

"Olufemi?" he whispered.

"Shh." he bent down and kissed me. That was the first time I kissed a human.

"Ourania!!!" Lucifer came up from behind Asim.

"Lucifer? What are you doing here?" then next thing I knew he was on top of me and I was on the ground. He was transformed.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "Get off of me." I tried to push him off. He wouldn't get off.

"Get off of her." Asim tried to pull Lucifer off of me.

"No Asim, just go." I transformed and pushed Lucifer off of me. "Please, just go."

"Wh... what are you?" he backed away from me.

"Don't be afraid." I took a step towards him.

"And why does he keep calling you Ourania?"

"Because that is my name. I am not from Earth, I am an angel from heaven." I explained quickly.

"How dare you tell him that!" Lucifer yelled and ran to me.

"No!!" I yelled.

"We swore not to tell anyone."
"But he saw you." he ran towards Asim.

"No!!" I tried to catch Lucifer and stop him from harming Asim. "I love him!" Lucifer stopped.

"What did you say?" Lucifer looked shocked and evil.

"I said I love him." I stood up tall.

"You do?" Asim's eyes lit up.

"Yes I do." I smiled weekly.

"You do not love him!" Lucifer yelled. "You only love me!"
"Whatever you are going to do, do not punish Asim, punish me."
"No you have to live your life without him. Say good bye Ourania." Asim started running away but Lucifer was too fast. I was running after Lucifer but he was too far. So he caught up to Asim, held up his sword, and killed him.
"No!!!" I cried out. "No!" I dropped to my knees. "Why?"
"My love, it was for the better." he came up by me and tried to make things all better.

"No, leave me alone." I walked away from him.

"But my love."
"No." I flew away without a look back at the murderer.



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