It doesn't matter

If you ever have had frustration, fear, anxiousness, difficult and so MUCH more please comment. Don't like it unless you understand it. Don't share it unless you first comment. But over all enjoy. :) thanks


1. Where to begin?


It doesn't matter. 


But I will say it anyway.


Sometimes I scream. Shouting and then yelling. 

Sometimes I hit, pound, and punch.

Sometimes I cry. cry too much. the tears fall, and fall and fall. 

Sometimes I say something but that rarely happens.


Most of the time I don't.

Most of the time I hide.


And then it happens.

I break down. So I write. 

Write, Write, Write, and Write. 


L   i    k   e       r   i   g   h   t         n    o    w     . 


Like I said before it doesn't matter.

Because I will feel all these emotions again. 

and I guess I will be alright

but the secrets I will still hide

and I will still be upset


But I said it anyway. 


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