It doesn't matter

If you ever have had frustration, fear, anxiousness, difficult and so MUCH more please comment. Don't like it unless you understand it. Don't share it unless you first comment. But over all enjoy. :) thanks


3. More than I do


They all are smiling


They all are laughing


They all like him more than I ever could....




But I can't say anything, not now, not yet. I can't hurt them

Because once in my life, they are talking to me. They are happy with me. They talk to me. They act like my family.



But is that enough reason to go on? Just because they are happy for me? Maybe they aren't even that happy. instead they are just happier that there is something new in my life. Other than ME. 


But then again, does it even matter? I don't even know. :) 

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