Louis was a lost soul, left looking for his one true love but it's not that simple for a vampire to find someone that loves him back. Fed up with his isolation he joins the local high school hoping to find a life outside of his own, pretending to be human that is. At the same time he has to deal with Harry. A manipulative werewolf out for everything Louis has. When Harry joins the same high school as Louis to make his life hell, the two fall for the local outcast. How far will they go to win her heart?

Mature content, strong/offensive language and some sexual moments. Please be warned. So please don't read this if swearing upsets you, thank you, and happy reading (;


4. The Fight

 I can"t believe that I controlled myself the way I had.  I can't stop thinking about her, that girl she was just so, so, compelling. I wash"t paying attention to where I was going. I walked right into his back, my face smacking into the back of his curly haired skull. Harry turned around instantly shoving me into the lockers behind us. I slammed into the, dark purple lockers with a bang. I could feel my my skull crack from the impact. Harry"s arm was clenched and held tightly underneath my throat choking me, "I told you that if you touched me, I'd kill you." he said. I kicked him backwards his body hitting the ground. My vampire strength took control and we both stood facing one another, fists flew and feet were kicked. Harry's eyes turned amber and i froze for a brief moment remembering that day in 1864.....   

 "Harry what's going on?!" i scream, throat dry and terrified. my body covered in cuts and abrasions. Blood was matted down on the cold green grass.......


I'm back and Harry is above me. pounding his fist into my face, suddenly he is yanked off of me and a familiar curly haired girl is crouched on the ground her body covering me her right arm holding me back. "Enough you're hurting him!' she screamed at Harry. Harry froze. He looked at her with curious and lustful eyes. No, not happening, not again. She is mine.

Harry stuck out his hand, carefully taking hers in his. She looked at him with anger and a little bit of... of... was it attraction? Or was it hate? I couldn't tell, and I didn't like it. He kissed her hand, his pink lips brushing her pale skin. To my shock she pulled her hand away and helped me up, she looked straight at him and said with a cold and hurtful demeanor, "You hurt my friend."

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