Louis was a lost soul, left looking for his one true love but it's not that simple for a vampire to find someone that loves him back. Fed up with his isolation he joins the local high school hoping to find a life outside of his own, pretending to be human that is. At the same time he has to deal with Harry. A manipulative werewolf out for everything Louis has. When Harry joins the same high school as Louis to make his life hell, the two fall for the local outcast. How far will they go to win her heart?

Mature content, strong/offensive language and some sexual moments. Please be warned. So please don't read this if swearing upsets you, thank you, and happy reading (;


6. Her House

 We pulled into the drive of an older home. The paint was white and chipping, and the roof was rotting. she waltzed up to the grey door and unlocked it. I followed her inside. the house was dark but very well kept. "Were are your parents?" I asked her and she turned to me. "They left for Egypt one year and they never came home" I stared at her for a minute in awe. "Are you serious??" I asked her and she shrugged, "No, my mom died in a car crash and my dad is probably still at Wal-Mart." she laughed at her joke and continued walking through her house. Kali led me through what i assumed was the dining room and into the kitchen, "Hungry?" she said while opening the the stainless steel door. "You don't even know." I replied and she chuckled, "Well go crazy." but I just shook my head, "No, I cant eat gluten, so the stuff I can eat is home." I paused while she munched on some chips, "suite yourself." I watched her eat for a little while in silence. Her kitchen had recently been updated. Freshly painted white walls and new stainless steel appliances. she tapped m shoulder and I looked at her with a smile, she cocks her head to the side still chewing. Kali was looking me over carefully. I suddenly became insecure under her watchful eye. I began to fidget in my seat and look down at the cream colored tile. "You're actually really cute." She said and I blushed. I actually blushed. I was smiling like an idiot and I couldn't control it. "Thank you." I said back then I took her hand, it almost seemed naturally taking her hand in my own. It fit almost perfectly and she smiled at me. "Kali, I want to show you how much I appreciate you doing what you did for me." she looked at me funny and I continued, "Would you go with me on a date?" I asked she considered it a minute then nodded with a smile, "I don't see why not."

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