Louis was a lost soul, left looking for his one true love but it's not that simple for a vampire to find someone that loves him back. Fed up with his isolation he joins the local high school hoping to find a life outside of his own, pretending to be human that is. At the same time he has to deal with Harry. A manipulative werewolf out for everything Louis has. When Harry joins the same high school as Louis to make his life hell, the two fall for the local outcast. How far will they go to win her heart?

Mature content, strong/offensive language and some sexual moments. Please be warned. So please don't read this if swearing upsets you, thank you, and happy reading (;


7. Harry Steps In (POV change)

 (POV CHANGE, Kali's Side) 


When I finally got back from dropping Louis off I collapsed on my couch. What was I getting myself into? So what, some really hot guy notices you and tells you to stop cutting and that you're worth something? That doesn't mean you save his sorry little ass the agree to date him! I'm loosing my edge.

I heard a knock at my door. I turned toward the sound and then looked at the clock. 5:30? Louis shouldn't be here for another 3 and a half hours. I got up and opened the door< "You just can't stay aw-" it wasn't Louis. It was Harry Styles. The bad boy in school. The hottest and most intimidating man alive. The police won't even look at this kid because he is so scary. I froze in my place and just stared into his deep green eyes. A few curls danced on his forehead while he leaned his slender frame against the door jamb.  

"So who is the girl that caught my eye on this now beautiful evening?" he said taking my hand in his own. I blushed unsure how to respond to him. He was dating Kaitlin, a girl who despite her status was always kind to me. He yanked me into his arms and I couldn't move. I didm;t run away or even push him off of me. He had a scent a=of a thick musk and a little bit of the forest. His arms were strong but loose around me. He leaned back against the door jamb again, "You should really close the door you'll let bugs in." He said smoothly and I reached for the door handle,  without breaking eye contact. I shut the door behind us slowly my hands slightly trembling. He noticed this and bent his head down to the crook of my neck. His breath was hot against my cold skin. "Don't be afraid love." he whispered. I could feel myself relaxing in his embrace, a cold shiver shot up my spine. "Why are you even here." I managed to say through my mixed emotions. I could feel the smirk slither across his face as he planted cool wet kisses to my collar bone. "Because I need to be with you."

I guess you could say I was a little shocked at his forwardness. I wasn't exactly used to boys liking me, especially two incredivly hot kids from my school. Despite how badly I wanted to let him kiss me I pushed him away, "I have to get ready, thank you for stopping by."

and I left him there staring after me in amazement..

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