Louis was a lost soul, left looking for his one true love but it's not that simple for a vampire to find someone that loves him back. Fed up with his isolation he joins the local high school hoping to find a life outside of his own, pretending to be human that is. At the same time he has to deal with Harry. A manipulative werewolf out for everything Louis has. When Harry joins the same high school as Louis to make his life hell, the two fall for the local outcast. How far will they go to win her heart?

Mature content, strong/offensive language and some sexual moments. Please be warned. So please don't read this if swearing upsets you, thank you, and happy reading (;


1. Decision



Sometimes I lay in this bed and stare up at the pitch black ceiling, I mean I can't sleep anymore, haven't been able to since 1864. Yeah, I'm pretty old. I do the same thing every night, still hoping and praying to hold onto any humanity I still have left hidden deep inside of my darkened soul.  I lay on this mattress and pretend to dream, it's the best I can do under circumstances. My mates on the other hand embrace their vampire-ness, or whatever you'd like to call it, but they are the nicest guys I know. They all treat me well, well that is except for Niall. He can be a dick sometimes and his girlfriend is no better. Actually his girlfriend is a major bitch. Lily, has very dark eyes and tanned skin. Her and Niall are constantly locked at the lips, personally I find it gross. But, they are my closest friends.

I am so sick of laying around this house until dark where no human can see me hunt. I need to meet some people. Lucky for me I have a walkers ring. It's a talisman my old friend had given to me. With it I can walk in daylight without burning to death in the sunlight. The ring sits firmly on my right hand. It's silver with a sheild on it. The sheild is inscribed with a small picture of Nyx, the Greek goddess of darkness. It suits me well I guess.  I need to get out of this rickety old house. The exterior is falling apart and the paint is chipping. Previous storms have ripped the chimney part and the roof now leaks. Not that I really care, I'm just lonely.  Last week I had someone I know sign me up at the local high school. How hard can it be? The only hard part is making sure Harry doesn't find out what I'm doing.

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