Louis was a lost soul, left looking for his one true love but it's not that simple for a vampire to find someone that loves him back. Fed up with his isolation he joins the local high school hoping to find a life outside of his own, pretending to be human that is. At the same time he has to deal with Harry. A manipulative werewolf out for everything Louis has. When Harry joins the same high school as Louis to make his life hell, the two fall for the local outcast. How far will they go to win her heart?

Mature content, strong/offensive language and some sexual moments. Please be warned. So please don't read this if swearing upsets you, thank you, and happy reading (;


5. Awkward Ride

 She lifted me off the cold ground and dragged me out of the building as the final bell went off behind us. People stared at us as we ran past them. She said nothing until we got to her car. It was slick black and only a two door. It was a 2010 probably, looked brand new. Her parents probably had some money in order to afford something like this, that is unless she bought it herself, which I don't doubt. She is after all independent. "Hop in." she said quietly, I did as she said and buckled up. She got in next to  me and ignited the engine. Life cascaded through the automobile. The girl put it in drive and tok off down the bleak road. There was an almost awkward silence as we sped down the highway. I wasn't sure of where she was taking me,  but I enjoyed the ride. Finally she looked at me with a concerned expression. "I'm Kali, in case you were wondering." she sys turning her head back to the road, her face hard to read. "Can I ask you a question?" she asks, I take my eyes off of the scenery and look at her. "You only saved me from getting my ass kicked, Go ahead." She pulled the car over and turned to me. "Why did you care?" she asked setting a hand on my knee, the first time she touched me. But considering her question, I really didn't know how to answer it. How do you tell someone that I could smell her open wound? Or that I was drawn to her? Instead I just shrugged. She took my face in her hand and yanked it so I was facing her. "Answer the question goddamnit" I was actually taken off guard by anger. I thought of something fast to satisfy her need for knowledge I couldn't tell her. "You want the truth?" I asked and she nodded. To be honest all I could think about was how close our face were, and how badly I wanted to lean in... "Well?!" she said, "My sister used to cut also, I don't want you to end up like her." she let go of her tight grip on my face, and looked at me with light and remorseful eyes. "Please don't fuck me over."

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