My Name Is

Tiler[pronounced tyler] is just a normal teenage girl. Until her dad dies. She then has to go through everything on her own without getting caught. Cause no one wants to go to an orphanage.


1. The Beggining

Tiler. T is for treacherous. I is for ignoring. L is for lovely. E is for extremely mean. R is for random. 

"Tiler Sanchez?" Says the exremely bad dressed arrogant nurse. I follow her and can strongly smell her B.O. She takes me down many halls to the operating room. I go in and smell many different scents. Blood B. O and my dads wood cologne. I see him and rush over. I grab his hand. "Daddy? Daddy are you alive?" I whisper. His limp cold hand tells me the answer. He's dead. I know it. All because of me. That voice inside my head tells me.  The doctor comes in. I expect to smell some bo but none. Im suprised. "Im so sorry tiler. But your dad didnt make it" the doctor explains. I walk out of the room and take a taxi home. All i can think about is that he died because of me. Its all my fault. And now i have to go to that retched home and no one will be there cause my mom left when i was two. I take out my ipod and listen to skrillex. I get home and go straight to bed. Replaying my fathers last minutes of life in my head over and over. "Daddy! Daddy! Are you home? Im gonna go shopping with kaylenn if thats okay?" Suddenly a man comes out of his room with a gun against my dads head. "Tiler. Listen to me carefully." My dad says calmly. "Theres a suitcase of money downstairs in the spare bedroom. Bring it upstairs quietly and give it to him. He came for you sweetheart but i negociated with him for money. Go get it and everything will be fine." I went and got the money and gave it to the man. He let go of my dad. He counted the money amd then pointed his gun at me. "Any last words?" He says. He pulls the trigger and my dad leaps in the air and takes the shot for me. The suitcase was so heavy that it slowed the man down and when the police and ambulance came he was still there. He was sent to jail.  I wake up in the morning and decide i am not to tell anyone. I do not want to be sent to an orphanage. Who does! Anyways afterschool im going shopping so yeah! I get to school. Its the norm. Me and my friends meet each other and hang out before the bell rings. No biggy. I sit in my regular seat in biology and gossip with y friends; Kaylenn, Aley,Maddie, and Taylor. Suddenly i see this gorgeous guy with dark brown curly hair and dreamy emerald green eyes. I instantly look away. Hes not my type. Anyways i just lost my dad! I cant be thinking about boys! We have a very boring lesson that i didnt pay attention to. Really all day i didnt pay attention to anything. 


~~~~~~~~~~3 MONTHS LATER~~~~~~~~~~

ive finally gotten over my dads death but i cant get that guy out of my mind. I know ive seen him before but i dont know where. His lips his eyes his hair his flirtation. He seems. No it cant be. Is the new guy. Harry styles?!?

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