a girl got into te locker and stuff got started and it burned down in flames


1. whyyyy

as i was at school i sat on the library bench,playing angry birds. Megan liann come up to me,she is a tall blonde,blue eyed, double faced, backstaber, that you cant trust with a pen. sh approaches and say,"hey you know the coaches called saide a whore!" me,:you shouldnt reapete that!" i walked away looking for the coaches. when i couldnt find them i awated for gym.When the bell rung i raced to gym. in the locker room i told my freind shelby what the girl said.she ran to the coaches and told but they took it as i said they did that.i was over heard and was reapeted. making it look like i was the source of the gossip. i was then sent to the office were i receved a state refferal and 2 days of in school suspension.As soon as i got off the bus i ran to my house trying to tell my mum before the office did. sadly,i was to late. i was grounded until i had showed amazing sports men ship in helping a family freind in cleaning her terrace. I then was serioucly warned that if had happened agin i would not be ungrounded for ever. i now am still in like horrible memorence of that day.

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