The biggest change of my life

After Tess moves out of her care home, her life changes. Meeting Harry Styles was just the start of it as she then becomes 1D's manager and dates one of the band members. How hard could life get? How much hate will she get from the fans? And most importantly who will she choose out of the hottest band in the world?


2. ...The run...

Harry's P.O.V: 

"Hey lads if you don't mind I'm going out for a jog I'll be back at around 2pm."

I informed the lads.Being in a band is a lot of fun but at the same time it's lot a of stress, you have to worry about interviews, concerts, tours, paparazzi etc etc but you can never get bored of the lads they're just so much fun.

"K cool just be back in time cause Paul's coming over to discuss the tour with us."

Liam just can't stop being the daddy direction he gets on my nerves sometimes but he's still great to be with. 

"Yh yh no worries Li I'll be back in time."

Then i was off.

Tess's P.O.V:

I love the feeling of jogging, it's like you in your own little world, breeze running through your hair almost like an imaginary fan running with you the whole time.It's the only time I get to do some proper thinking.I started thinking about how it would be like to have or to be with a real family or even have a family of my own one day.I loved the feeling of that thought but then all of a sudden the world went back.

Harry's P.O.V:

It's been 20 minutes since I've been running and I can already feel sweat running down my forehead.I stopped for a bit of breath, I lifted my head back ready to continue running then all of a sudden I could see just about the most beautiful girl in the world lying on the ground in front of me.Her hair was brown and her fringe lay on top of her eyes.I lifted it out the way to see the most prettiest eyes I've ever seen.They were brown with a hint of blue and sprinkle of green,they were perfect.I knew she was the one for me.A million questions bombarded my brain.What was her name?Where was she from?Why was she lying on the ground?The questions were endless and I had no clue or answers to any of these questions.All I knew was that I had to find them out and fast.I dialed 999 for an ambulance to come.

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