The biggest change of my life

After Tess moves out of her care home, her life changes. Meeting Harry Styles was just the start of it as she then becomes 1D's manager and dates one of the band members. How hard could life get? How much hate will she get from the fans? And most importantly who will she choose out of the hottest band in the world?


3. ...At the hospital with a mysterious stranger...

Tess's P.O.V:

I could feel a very soft hand laying on mines but I didn't know who it was.All I could remember is that I went for a morning jog until i collapsed on the ground.And now I'm here in a hospital with some stranger holding my hand,as far as I'm concerned there was no one with me and it's not like I have any family or friends.So who could that person be?And why was he/she holding me hand?

The door opened I think it was the doc,"Mr.Styles this young lady will be fine,she just had a little faint during her run which is very normal and she'll be awake in a few minutes or so.Since you don't know her name or who she is we'll have to do the paper work when she's wake."

What did he mean by Mr,Styles?The only 'Styles' I knew was Harry Styles and not i a million years would Harry Styles be her right now holding my hand.Could it be him?

I made a slight moan and slowly opened my eyes to reveal the most beautiful eyes starring into mines.His eyes were emerald green and he had waves of curly brown hair with a quiff.It was like I was starring into heaven,it was love at first sight.

"Hi I'm Harry."

Wow,his accent was even hotter in person.

"I'm Tess."I replied

"I found you lying on the ground in the park so I brought you here the doc said that you fainted during your jog and that your free to go but he needs to know your details first."He said with his hot deep voice.



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