The Kiss Of Death

Hey, so this is my first poem (or dialouge?) on here.


1. The Kiss Of Death

There once was a girl named Alexa.

When she turned thirteen she started to despise life, Even wonder why her mother didn't abort her.

She didn't want to live. She felt as if her presence wasn't needed in the world.


One night she fell into a deep sleep. Thus started her fate.

"Alexa. Come to me" A voice said.

"Who are you?" Alexa asked.

"Why, it is me. Your Guardian Angel" He said.

"Do not listen to that beast!" A voice screamed as Alexa started towards him.

"But why? If it is my Angel, I shall go towards him, shall I not?" Alexa asked the man, who was very handsome. Perhaps even more handsom than her "Guardian Angel".

"Because. That beast is not an angel, but the Grim Reaper" The striking man said.

"Alexa, my dear. Do you not wish to end your suffering?" asked the Grim Reaper.

"Well, yes. I do" Alexa replied.

"Then, come. Into my arms. All you have to do is kiss me and all your troubles will have gone away" The Grim Reaper said.

"Don't Alexa! You have too much in store for you!" The handsom man said.

"How do I know you're not lying? How do I know you're not the one to be evil?" Alexa asked.

"Because I am your Guardian Angel" The man said.

"Do not mess with the child's head, Liam" The Grim Reaper said "She will pick her fate. Go on my dear" He finished. Alexa looked at both the men.

"Alexa, you have so much in your future!" Liam said.

"Like what?" Alexa asked with tears in her eyes.

"I can't tell you that" Liam said. Alexa closed her eyes and shook her head.

She then ran into The Grim Reaper's arms and kissed him. Liam lowered his head.

'It's finally over' Alexa thought as she kissed him.

"It's finally over, Alexa" The Grim Reaper said aloud.


Alexa never opened her eyes again, which is unfortunate because, alas, she was going to marry the man of her dreams and have a wonderful life. If only she'd waited a day. Then, she would have met her boyfriend that she would eventually get married to and start a family.... If only.

"One final fight for this tonight. With knives and pens we made our plight. Conscience begs for you to do what's right. Everyday it's still the same dull knife. Stab it through and justify your pride. One final fight for this tonight. With knives and pens we made our plight. And I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on. We tried our best, turn out the light" -'Knives and Pens' Black Veil Brides

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