everyone hates being the new kid well that's exactly what happened to Hailey she was happy in Limerick Ireland she had all her friends there but then her mum got a job offer in Birmingham she dragged Hailey all the way down there and she had to start a new school and make new friends and being in collage it's hard to be accepted into a group when you've not been there from the start!


9. the kiss...

*Hailey's p.o.v*

i told him my story but he didn't reply! i was about to walk off when i felt a pair of lips touch mine! it was the sweetest kiss i have ever had! scratch that...the first kiss i had ever had! 

after about a minuet or two we pulled away he had the biggest smile on his face and it made my blush it was so cute! we stayed silent for a few minuets staring into each others eyes! the crystal blue eyes melted my heart! did he love me did he want me to be his? our eyes broke apart when we heard someone call our names "NIALL! HAILEY!" the voice shouted we kept quiet i slid on my stomach and looked round the corner it was the teacher! i looked at niall horrified and pointed round the corner he knew what i was gesturing and he returned the horrified look! 

we heard the foot steps come closer  i looked round the corner again she was looking the other way so i legged it waving at niall to follow! luckily this part of the school was in a continues circle so we ran all the way round we made sure she wasn't looking and we ran into the class room and quickly went to the corner and started singing pretending that we'd been there the whole time! suddenly the teacher burst in "HAS ANYONE SEEN NIALL AND HAILEY?" she shouted before seeing us in the corner"oh umm.. carry on class i found them!" she said embarrassed the class started laughing ! she started waking towards us and i grabbed Niall's hand! he looked at me and smiled and squeezed my hand "where have you to been!" the teacher said sternly "miss we've been here the whole time!" Niall said "oh really what have you been doing then!" she said with an angry         tone "we have been practicing a duet!" i said " what song?!" she said curiously "when i was your man by Bruno mars!" niall said quickly "well then you'll have to perform it to the class later then!" she said with a bitchy smirk! as soon as she was gone we let out a sigh of relief thank god Niall's good at thinking quickly "she's such a slag!" i said not meaning to say it out loud! and niall burst out laughing "'t...bre..ath!" he said while laughing "NIALL HAILEY i believe you have a song for us!" miss said "i fucking hate that teacher!" i whispered to Niall and he started laughing again "do you know the song he said?!" he asked "every word!" i replied.

i sat at the piano and started to play "same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now...our song radio but it don't sound the same..." we sang together niall then sang the chorus and then i sang the next verse! we then both sang the next bit and the rest together! after the last note had been played the class were left silent including the teacher!  

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