everyone hates being the new kid well that's exactly what happened to Hailey she was happy in Limerick Ireland she had all her friends there but then her mum got a job offer in Birmingham she dragged Hailey all the way down there and she had to start a new school and make new friends and being in collage it's hard to be accepted into a group when you've not been there from the start!


5. lunch break

Finally lunch! you see the thing is i love my food but i didn't get fat! it was a miracle!

i brought a lettuce, tomato and cheese wrap and diet coke. i walked out of the canteen shit where am i gonna sit! i saw an empty table in the corner of the room i walked over and sat down. Usually at lunch me and my friends would talk and catch up on all the latest gossip and who the cutest guys were but now i had none of it! i was startled by my phone buzzing i looked at it it was a text from Sophie 'missing you loads babe! it's not the same without you! remember we love you! xxxxx' it brought a tear to my eye! out of the corner of my eye i saw some one sit next to me! it was the boy from earlier! "it is Hailey right?!" "yeah" i said "why are you hiding all the way over here?" he said "tryin to be invisible!"i said "come sit with us babe we don't bite honest!" he said and i nodded and followed him!

he led me over to a table with 8 people on it! i recognized them yet i only knew 3 of there names "guys this is Hailey!" Louis said "Hailey!" Perrie said and she got up and gave me a hug come "sit with us!" they were all at one end of the table so i went round the other side "Hailey why you hiding your self away? it's like your trying to be invisible!" the girl with brown hair said i didn't answer i didn't know what to say "im Eleanor by the way!" she said "hi" i said "this is Louis,Zayn,Niall,Harry and Liam she said pointing at the boys "and i'm Danielle!" the frizzy haired girl said 

we all got on really well we talked for ages the bell went and i had singing next! i felt said because Eleanor and Danielle weren't in the same band as us to be honest i didn't know  what band they were in!

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