everyone hates being the new kid well that's exactly what happened to Hailey she was happy in Limerick Ireland she had all her friends there but then her mum got a job offer in Birmingham she dragged Hailey all the way down there and she had to start a new school and make new friends and being in collage it's hard to be accepted into a group when you've not been there from the start!


4. guitar lesson

we got to room 209 in perfect timing as soon as we took our seats the teacher walked in he saw me sat at the back on my own "And who are you darlin?" he said "Hailey King"  i said "well Hailey i'm Dan! can you play the guitar?" he said "i do actually!" I said proudly "would you mind playing us something?!" he asked "could i play something of my own?" "of course you can!" i walked over and picked up an acoustic guitar and sat down, i started strumming and the room went silent I saw Niall poke hi head round to see me, i got completely lost im the music i remember writing this song on the plane leaving Limerick i generally didn't mean to but i got lost in the moment and started singing i completely forgot that i was singing to 30 complete strangers! after it finished no one said anything! i went bright red "holy frickin shit!" i said not meaning to say that out loud everyone started laughing including Dan they all realized that i got lost in the moment, i put the guitar down and walked to the back of the class room every pair of eyes watching me! was i that bad?!

after the silence broke many people started playing the guitar but many people didn't bother i started writing a new song "HAILEY!" i heard someone shout I jumped "YOU WERE FRICKIN AMAZING!" Perrie shouted even though she was standing next "thank you!" i laughed "how did you learn to play like that?!" "well...i taught my self i had a tough child hood with my father dyeing a tragic car accident and well I've always love the guitar so i taught myself!" "oh im so sorry" she said looking guilty "don't worry it was a really long time ago now i jut love to sing and play it's practically my life!" she smiled at me "do you play?" i said "no, no i tend to stick to singing!" she said i looked at her confused "so why do you take this class?" i said raising one eyebrow "well if your in the music band then you do everything musical different classes assigned to different things of course you still have English, math, science and P.E many people here have no idea how to play the guitar but are amazing at the piano some people here can't sing but other like you and i can it's just a way to try out new things sometimes it's pointless sometimes its not!" she said i was just about to open my mouth and say something when i heard a guitar playing it was so beautiful i looked round the room but i couldn't tell who it was coming from "wh..who's playing that?!" i said transfixed i could hear Perrie laughing! "why do you like it?!" she said still laughing "yes! yes i do!" i said proudly "well because you really want to know it's Niall!" i froze that beautiful noise was coming from the boy i sat next to in the pop quiz! 

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