everyone hates being the new kid well that's exactly what happened to Hailey she was happy in Limerick Ireland she had all her friends there but then her mum got a job offer in Birmingham she dragged Hailey all the way down there and she had to start a new school and make new friends and being in collage it's hard to be accepted into a group when you've not been there from the start!


15. Could it be true?!

My eyes shot open tears ran down my cheeks, sweat on my body. I took a moment to realise where I was. I was in a waiting room...of a hospital! I paced back and forth frantically worrying if that definitly was a dream or was the truth. I ran up to the front desk "what room is Hailey king in?" I asked "room 208, but I'm sorry sir you can't see her right now I'm afraid you'll have to wait outside." I thanked her and ran off. I took a few wrong turnings but I got there, just as a bunch of doctors and nurses ran out of the room with Hailey with them! I had a flash back of the dream where they wheeled Hailey out of the room to get her to theatre. One of the nurses stopped "are you here for Hailey king?" she asked I nodded "well I'm sorry sir she's being taken to theatre, there's only a small chance she'll survive." she said before dashing off on the same direction as the others. My knees because weak, tears threatened to leave my eyes, it was all becoming true! 

I waited the long 4 hours, when I saw the doctor returning, I didn't bother getting up as I already knew the answer. "you may see her now." he said. I almost lept off my feet . She wasn't dead! I followed him to the room and there she was, lying peacefully one the bed. Her red lips glowing. I sat down on the chair beside her bed and held her hand her nose wrinkled and her eyes opened and all said was "get out!" 

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