everyone hates being the new kid well that's exactly what happened to Hailey she was happy in Limerick Ireland she had all her friends there but then her mum got a job offer in Birmingham she dragged Hailey all the way down there and she had to start a new school and make new friends and being in collage it's hard to be accepted into a group when you've not been there from the start!


3. class

"so what you got?" Louis said "umm..well there all music related!" "oh your in the music band like me!" he said i felt a smile spread across my face "does this mean we have all classes together?!" i said "sure does babe!" i was so happy i wouldn't be a loner in class i would have someone to hangout with maybe a friend! 

We walked into class and everyone stared at me i hated being new! "Are you Hailey King?" the teacher said "yeah" i said quietly "great! it's nice to have a new student!" is it i thought. there were only 2 seats left one next to a blonde boy the other on it's own at the back i walked over and sat down, the teacher watched me and looked sad, we had to do a pop quiz about the greatest hits from the 90's. I finished way before everyone else i knew my music well! i saw the teacher walk over "finished?" she said "yeah!" i said with a smile on my face! she sat on the chair next t me "i know it's hard being new but don't hide your self away no one will know your here your a good 4 feet away from another table! it's like your invisible!" she said i looked at the table and started flicking my pen "why don't we find someone for you to sit next to!" she walked over to the blonde boy and said something to him then gestured me to come over! i walked over and just looked at my feet "hi" he said i looked up he had a smile on his face "i Niall whats your name?" he said in a strong Irish accent "Hailey" i replied "Hailey that's a beautiful name!" he said still smiling the teacher smiled and nodded "sit down honey we'll go over the answers in a minuet!" she said. I sat next to Niall i could see Louis a few seats away sat next to a curly haired boy i felt sorta sad but maybe it 's a sign that I need to make other friends! the answers took forever only two people in the whole class got 40/40 and that was me and a boy with quite short hair, he walked past Louis and gave him a high five and he gave me a smile! so i know that Louis is friends with a curly hair boy and a short hair boy, unfortunately i think he's quite popular so he'll never want to be friends with me! 

Finally the bell went i had guitar practice next! thank god i love playing the guitar besides singing it was the only thing i was good at and it's hard for me to actually admit that im good at something! On my scheduled it said room 209 where the hell was room 209 I was at room 13! I saw Louis and his friends come out of the class room so I started walking off fast! I don't know why I did I guess it was instinct's! 

i ended up going round in circles! I plucked up the corridge to talk to some one. I tapped a boy on the back he turned around he had dark hair up in a quiff and brown eyes "sorry to bother you"I said "but do you know where room 209 is?" "yeah i'm just going there myself! you can walk with me if you like!"i didn't say anything I just nodded. He was talking to the short haired boy they started walking still talking they completely forgot about me so i left a decent gap so it didn't look like i was following them! i saw they took a left so a little while later i took a left i saw the short hair boy say something to the dark haired boy they both stopped and turned round i darted behind a group of girls one had purple hair and the others brown except one was frizzy! "oh hello" the one with purple hair said "h..hi s..sorry!" i said starting to walk off  "wait! can we help you with anything?" the one with frizzy hair said "umm no you know where room 209 is?" i said shyly "yeah i'll take you there!" the purple haired on said "thank you!" i said "i'm Perrie by the way!" "oh umm..Hailey!" 

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