everyone hates being the new kid well that's exactly what happened to Hailey she was happy in Limerick Ireland she had all her friends there but then her mum got a job offer in Birmingham she dragged Hailey all the way down there and she had to start a new school and make new friends and being in collage it's hard to be accepted into a group when you've not been there from the start!


12. broken heart!

after dinner niall dropped my off at my house "bye babe" he said and kissed my cheek! "urgh finally home!" i said to myself i jumped on the sofa and realized that i still had niall jacket on! he gave it to me because i was cold! i know its wrong but his phone was in his pocket do i look? nothing bad would be going on i mean hes with me! i pulled the phone out of the pocket and unlocked it! lucky he didn't have a password lock! i looked at his texts and i couldn't believe what i saw! a girl named Zoe has been texting him and by the look of it he started the conversation!

N: what time are we meeting? xxx

Z: whenever you want. xxx

N: is 1 ok? xxxx

Z: perfect! xxxx ;D

N: can't wait! xxx :*

Z: remember i love you! xx <3

N: i love you too! xxxxxx <3

i wanted to throw his phone but i couldn't so i decided to throw myself! i threw his jacket to the floor and went upstairs! i opened my window! i sat on the window ledge i was 4 story's high it's not much but it will do for now! all that was underneath me was hard tarmac! no one would care if anything happened! the one person i thought cared about me...doesn't! here goes nothing! i pushed my self off the window ledge and fell! i hit the ground and pain spread through my body! i lay there unable to move! no one had noticed! good! i was too week to keep my eyes open they closed! and i just lay there on the cold hard ground!

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