Rants/Things that piss me off!

Things that piss me off and would make the world a better place if it would just dissapear!
Leave your name and one of your rants/something that pisses you off and I might put it in the book:)


8. Stories that escalate to quickly

                                                Hav you ever read a story that just escalates to quickly for your human mind to process.

  Example: We were taking a walk on the beach, and then a sea monster comes and bites his head off and then I was kidnapped my mexican beavers that held me at gun point saying that if I dont give them the tacos then they will eat all of my pencils. But luckily I escaped and made a living off of stealing baby fetuses on the street. THE END.

                                            Okay maybe they dont escalate that quickly and even if it does its probably not as awesome as that! But my point is people need to calm down and just tell the story!!

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