Rants/Things that piss me off!

Things that piss me off and would make the world a better place if it would just dissapear!
Leave your name and one of your rants/something that pisses you off and I might put it in the book:)


6. Ketchup

                                    We all have this problem with ketchup, your just enjoying your food and all of a sudden your like "OMG this would be great with some ketchup!" So you get your ketchup and start squirting it on to whatever you want. And one it makes that farting sound. and know matter what Im gonna think off someone taking a huge dump right on my fries. Then sometimes its not the ketchup that comes out and its just ketchup water. So then you have to shake it up, and when you pour it again your food is already soggy from the ketchup water and it just ruined your meal. Thanks ketchup I can always count on you.

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