My Moments with You

I am Olivia Marrs. I used to be Harry Styles' best friend when we were growing up together. I really miss him. I need you back Harry, we need to be best buddies like we used to be... Never say never. My world is just falling apart without Harry.


1. Seeing You Again

                                                            Olivia's P.O.V

Sitting on my couch watching T.V. Typical. It's always the same old thing. My life hasn't always been the same without my best friend,  Harry Styles. He left for the X-Factor and then became famous. Why does it always seem in a blink of an eye your bestest friend of all time is just gone? I hated how he left. He told me that he is going to the X-Factor but never told me he would take a chance to become famous and forget about me. It has always been Harry's dream to become famous, I wanted him to live out his dream. But I never said yes to him to forget about me. I heard my sister Jade come down the stairs. She was wearing blue skinny jeans, Areopostle v-neck, and some red converse. "Liv you haven't got up from that couch for 2 hours!" Jade exclaimed. "I'd much rather sit here than cry upstairs in my bedroom." I sassed. Jade face palmed. "Liv, I know life has been hard on you since Harry left-" Jade started but I cut her off. "Jade, it has been almost 3 years since he left! Almost 3 freaking years!" I exclaimed. I felt tears brim in the corners of my eyes. Jade looked at my sympathetically. "Livvy, lighten up. C'mon, get up and let's go to Charlie's Ice Cream Shop then go to your favorite park." She said. I smiled at her. "Thanks Jade." I said smiling. "Hey, when my sisters are upset I need to do something." Jade smiled. I hugged her. "I love you Jade." I said. Jade hugged me back. "I love you too Livvy." She said. When we pulled away Jade looked at me. "I will be back I am going to go get my purse and phone." Jade stated. "Kay, I will wait here." I said. She smiled. She got up and started walking up the stairs. I sat on the couch and turned off the T.V and waited for Jade. I felt comfortable on what I was wearing. Dark blue skinny jeans, a purple plaid shirt, and purple Vans. I put my white iPhone into my back pocket. Jade came racing down the stairs with her purse on her shoulder and stuffing her black iPhone into her front pocket. "Ready?" She asked when she grabbed her keys from the kitchen counter top. "Yup." I said. Jade sent me a warm smile and I smiled at her. We walked to her blue convertible and hopped in. "Roof down?" Jade asked as she looked into my direction. "Roof down!" I shouted. Jade put her car roof down and started driving. I loved the feeling of being with my older sister and the wind in my face. Once, we reached Charlie's Ice Cream Shop we got in line. I just stood there not really caring on what my sister is doing. Infront of us there was a guy who had brown curly hair. It reminded me of Harry before he left. I sighed. The guy must have heard me because he turned to look at me. He had brilliant green orbs and brown curly hair. It was Harry. "Olivia? Is that you?" Harry asked as he looked very surprised to see me. "I-I... I can't do this..." I said. "What?" Harry asked. I ran out of line I heard Jade scream my name so many times and Harry as well. I ran into the street I heard a car's horn going off. I looked to the right side of the road. I saw a truck coming towards me. I froze in that very spot. My blood in veins stopped. "LIVVY!!!!" I heard Jade and Harry scream. The next thing I knew the whole world went pitch black.



Hey My Baby Styles! :) I hoped you liked this new story. It's not as great as I thought it would be but oh well right? I hope you checked out my other Movellas. The next chapter of "Harry's Famous Sister" will be up soon and so will "You Saved Me" See ya guys soon! :) Love ya! :)                                                                   xoxo,                                                                                                                                      Emmy (or Emily which ever you prefer) :)

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