Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


8. where it ended

        Some how he had convinced her to come along . She was nervous to say the least but for some reason she felt like he wouldn't come to harm her . The car ride was long and the way was bumpy It  would seem hey were winding there way east threw a country part of the state . It had been some time now riding i the back seat of the car . She had informed Bay of her trip and had a tracker set up on her phone so Bay could find her if need be . Though she was nervous she did much enjoy the passing country side . Lush flowers bloomed and meadows stretched on with the sky . After a good three hours of driving they pulled off the road . Keagan turned around to face her "It's a fifteen minute hike from here  there are some shoes on the floor you can wear ,"said Keagan 

            Emma pulled on the shoes and followed Keagan onto the trail set between to Aspin trees . The further they went away from the road the more her nerves danced under her skin . She started counting trees ad distinctive changes in the area . If one were to only come out of this alive it was going to be her . The hike that seemed o last forever was exactly fifteen minutes . When they arrived at their destination Emma started to remember bits and pieces of the place . So far the memories where of nothing bad . Just of her and Keagan spending time together . Some of the flash backs had images of text books others had baskets or scattered frases shared between them . Our place , do you love me  , every minute , don't leave , and why . all of the words so distant now but the last one with its ominous nature set her nerves running down her spine .

            "How did we come about ?" said Emma "you know when did we become a couple ?" 

            "Give me some time,  I will tell you all, In the beauty of our place there is a great pain ,It has become hard for me to come here , But for you to remember and to believe it has to be here ," said Keagan 

            As soon as he was ready Keagan told their story  , The start all the way to the terrible end . Emma listened while her mind filled in the blanks with images . And this is the part of the story they will always share : Emma and Keagan had been lab partners , They had no interest in each other to begin with  they met because they had to , late night sessions at the coffee shop become normal . And soon it was more or less about the class they took together but about them . It was easy for feelings to form and for Emma it was her first love . Keagan and Emma one day decided to go out driving . They took Keagan's car and they told her mom hey had a science project to do . Bay was not even informed of their relationship . So they drove east out of town , they drove until they found a little trail out in the country side . It was nestled between two aspen trees and neither of them had gone to the trail before . They followed it with their packed lunches ill it stopped at a small creek nestled in the shade of a giant weeping willow tree . The two of them spent the afternoon there in the company of one another . 

          But soon a storm came and it was a storm like none they had ever experienced . They held o to he weeping willow tree until the storm had passed . But with the storm some thing had changed in Keagan . He Told Emma to run take his car and leave him here , he said to her he had been cursed as a child and If she didn't run only one of them would leave their alive and knowing his full strength he knew it wouln't be her  He cried out I love you . Emma stayed she tried to talk him to his senses . She loved him two and didn't believe he was cursed . Bu he only grew more agressie and distant . He never wanted to hurt Emma but when she tried to reach out and comfort him he grabbed her arm and threw her against the tree . pain shot up Emma's back and she fell into blackness . Emma was then raped and thrown into the creek bleeding and  barely hanging onto life . That is when Keagan returned to him self  and when he saw the mangled defiled body of his girlfriend in the creek he broke down crying . He picked her up in his arms and  drove her o help . He didn't need people finding out so he took her to his grandmother a medicein woman who still practiced in old ways of healing physically, spiritually, and mentally. When Emma was healed she blocked all memories of Keagan from Emma's mind The she found a way to get Emma home without waking her . And without any one knowing when Emma came home . 

         That is how  they ended and never where the first time . And as Emma sat in the spot where she once loved the man who turned to a monster she began to cry because the memories where now open to her . "I still love you ," said Emma

            Keagan looked at her and took her hand "I never stopped loving you ," he said The two of them embraced each other scared that it might happen again . So the two of them left the place of theirs promising they would never return again together for fear of the return of the great storm . They decided to pick up where they left off . 

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