Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


1. The Last Letter From the Front

             Emma laid on her bed watching the fan spin round and round, While her father's record played,  on the old record player her grandfather once owned . It skipped once in awhile from over use . Emma could care less she didn't need for the perfect sound to come threw , She needed to hear her fathers voice . When her father had been in high school he had joined a band and they preformed slow rock together every Thursday night of their senior year at Newport's local lounge club . They never made it to the big times but they did end up with an album . Which now played in rerun on the record player as Emma waited the long summer day for her best friend to return from her family  Vacation . She new It was easier waiting on her best friend then for her dad to return from war . He had been deployed over six months ago and every month or so they would receive a letter from him . They being her Pregnant mother and Emma . 

            Emma's mother was seven months pregnant to the day and would go on leave with in a few days from work and Emma's grandparents would arrive in town next week . Grandparents meant that Emma would have to be on her best behavior it also meant the house was about to become over crowded . Emma began to become over whelmed by the swelling heat in the house  she wondered out to the back yard where the pool sat seemingly lonely . Caring little of the fact that she was wearing a sun dress she dived in letting the crisp cool water in-circle  her .  She swam laps around the pool then sat on the side letting the sun dry her back  and dangling her feet over the side . She tried so hard to ignore how lonely she felt . If Bay was not home tomorrow she was sure that she would lose her mind . Three weeks alone had driven her to a silence even a  mime couldn't handle . 

      It must have been eighty-seven degrees out the Mail man was sweating up a storm as he waved to her and placed the mail in their box . Emma rushed to the fence and peaked over . " Is there anything from my dad In there ?" she asked giving time for the mail man to respond .

     " Look for your self," said the mail man he handed her a manila envelope , smiled at her and placed the rest of their mail in the box . She smiled back at him pressing the envelope to her heart as if she were to be hugging her father . Sitting back at the patio she couldn't wait for her mother's return so she tore the sill. Inside was a letter hand written about three pages long . covered in random stains from the multitasking he had been doing as he made priority to write to home . She held onto the pages carefully as if they might just vanish before her very eyes. Emma found a spot in the shade and began to read what was written. 

       To my love Molly and my baby girl Emma and Our future blessing on the way , 

    It's been a long hard last couple of weeks , I think of the baby being only two months away and I wish so badly to be there for the birth , But it looks like it could be another six months before I return home . I dread the Idea but I know that when I am here and I'm making it safe for the three of you there . It will be nice to return home to the silence and to your open arms . I want you to know I am doing well . I've seen many a casualties and have grown to understand and except any friendship here may only last a few hours if lucky a day . Good men and woman have died before my eyes and I feel remorseful  and lucky at the same time . It's the photos of you three that give me luck and keep me going . I send my love to you and to our parents. Molly darling If this war claims me  I want you to know I will be your guardian looking down from heaven . I want more then anything for you to be happy and for our children to grow up with a father . I am not saying goodbye as of now just considering the possibility . It seems to me If I  put off the idea I'd be denying the inevitable truth that war is unkind and spares not for a plea . 

     Emma I know you couldn't wait for this letter to come and I know you must have opened it before your mom even got home so here is what I need to say to you . Your sixteen now too old for a bed time story or piggy back rides around . But make sure If I don't make it home that you give your little brother or sister the same experience and inform him or her that daddy always loved those moments and will always love you .  I LOVE YOU baby girl so much and I hope to one day to send you off to college ,walk you down the isle , and hold my grandchild . I want to be at all those beautiful mile stones in your life . And I want to grow old with your mama by my side . I want more then ever to see the day when you learn to feel what its like to love a child that is yours. I know this all must seem too scary or even unnecessary but I wanted to make sure these things where said to you at some point . I love you and pray that I will be home soon , I will always love you . 

       To the love of my life , ( Emma ps. stop reading ) 

To the love of my life, Molly darling the day you said yes to being my wife made my heart dance among the stars . I never wanted to grow old with any one but you . I wanted to build you a perfect life . And I never anted to leave you alone no for a minute . These last six months have been the hardest in my life . the long lonely cold nights are when I am missing you the most . I know I never cried at home but I ant a man if I haven't cried . I have seen helpless little children that remind me of Emma blown from their homes caught in war . I've seen teenage girls dragged from their homes and raped by the enemy . I've seen death lots of death and the only joy I take with me is you are all safe and that this war is a far from home . I've cried with my knees to the ground after a battle has cleared and only dust and death remain . I've seen whole platoons blown back into buildings . Molly I can only tell you the truth . I don't think I will make it home from this war . I've been wounded lost my right arm . And they can't transport me to safety or medical care for another week or so . If I don't make it tell your self every day I love you , Tell the children every day I fought for them because I loved them. Tell my little Emma That the day the bride is to be given away I will be there in spirit and that I want for her grandfather ,  my father to  walk her down that Isle. And When our grand child is born I want you to spoil that child and tell our  grandchild that I smile every time I look down from the heavens upon its beauty .Molly I wanted to grow old with you ! I wanted to carry you when you grew frail . But I don't want you growing old alone . Find love , find happiness , and Grow old for my sake not alone but with Love in the rocking chair beside you . 



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