Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


7. spilt Coffee

      Keagan replayed the message over and over again. Reason one he couldn't believe it.  He couldn't believe that in her own and very awkward way, Emma had asked him out.  Second of all he liked how her voice fluctuated with her nerves. His favorite part was how she worried about him worrying.  She mentioned hospital,  thought it had a negetive conotation and restated her statement with more details.  

    He liked Emma , always had . She had saved his life and with that she had become his one and only,  sure he had done stupid things and lost her the first time. But not this time, no he would be Mr. Perfect.  Then he thought how long would mr. Perfect wait before calling a girl back. He didn't know the answer and decided to wait till morning.

          Keagan had gone to sleep that night and dreamed of Emma.  In his dream Emma was in her early twenties and the two of them had somehow found their way to the city of love , Paris! Emma wore a barre and a blue scarf over a white sundress.  Her hair was down and ever so luminescent in the candel light.  The two off were sitting in a cafe in the heart of Paris . Emma was his world and while in Paris he got down on one knee and proposed to her.  Emma smiled and said yes then she did as the french do and started french kissing him.  It was a delightful dream that left him feeling restful when he woke up in the morning.  

       After dressing for the day he dialed Emma's number hoping she would pick up. She did but she seemed like she had slept very little and was groggy from lack of sleep.  He thought to himself oh well at least she answered .

       " Good morning Emma it's Keagan "

       " oh hey good morning,  Keagan, "

        " So coffee I can do,  It's a question of when your able too, "

         " Coffee sounds really good right now, how about we meet up in an hour at the starbucks near the hospital,"

          " sounds good see you at 10:00 am,  oh and you are not buying,  I am because , It southern courtesy and my southern family would roll over in there graves if I didn't keep traditional gentleman behavior ,"

            " too tiard to challenge,  see you in an hour Keagan, " said Emma before she hung up the phone.

            Bay had been awoken by the phone ringing. She sat quietly threw their conversation then rummaged threw the duffel bag she had picked up last night.  Pulling out a cafe worthy outfit a mitch match of both their cloths . She set out a pair of flats and make up and jewelry.  She smiled at Emma and said " step into my office, you have a date in an hour, "

               Bay worked magic with a make up brush .Emma looked flawless when all was said and done. Her make up was light and natural but it brought out her eyes along with the outfit bay had chosen. Emma's grandmother did her hair it was partially up with beautiful braids the other part was set as cascading ringlets down her back . She looked at her reflection in the mirror"I look like a model for Abercrombie and Fitch ,maybe I should go apply ,"said Emma 

             "After your date '"said Bay . Bay grabbed her keys from the side table . As he nurse came in to check on molly and Tibby ,Emma and bay went out . "So I can can give you a ride if you want but I would have to spy ,I have a meeting to get to so its up to you ," said Bay 

              "A meeting ? No it's fine I will walk , but a meeting !?" Said Emma

               " Yes I have a meeting with a dean of a potential college , I will tell you all about it latter today ," aid Bay

             So Emma said goodbye to Bay wishing her luck . When Bay had driven out of view Emma started her walk to the starbucks only a few blocks away from the hospital . It was a nice walk in the morning air not to cold for it was still summer but cold enough to walk with out sweating . She enjoyed the birds as they sung their songs and before Emma new it she was standing out side starbucks . Keagan was already inside he too had cleaned up his over all look from yesterday . His hair was combed and he wore a button up shirt and cargo shorts with sandals. When Emma walked in he smiled gave a slight wave and pulled out a chair for her to sit . 

        Emma sat across from him . She wondered why every thing felt familiar . The way he moved about , the way he spoke to her . It felt as if she had once been more then lab partners with him . That seemed so far fetched for her to even consider . If it even was a possibility why couldn't she remember. Emma shifted nervously in her chair and sipped from the pre-ordered coffee . Some sort of perfect magic it must have been , he had ordered her favorite . 

        They hadn't had much of a conversation when her nerves got a hold of her. Her coffee slipped from her hands and spilt on to her shirt showing her bra . Keagan handed her his sweatshirt and offered her a t-shirt from his car . Shamed by her new found look she followed him to his car . Keagan pulled out a white blouse that looked oddly familiar . Once in her hands it hit her , hit her like a ton of bricks . It was her blouse one made by her great grandmother . She felt along the bottom hem until her fingers rested on the E and A her initials . Some thing had gone on before between her and Keagan . Something bad for it was blocked from her memory.

       "Keagan , you better explain now , why you have my blouse ! Heck Keagan what happened !" Said Emma 

      "Em calm down , get in I'll explain here is not the place to explain '"said Keagan 

        " don't you call me that ! And I won't be going anywhere with you , you better explain now or I will call the cops ," said Emma all steamed up 

          " But I love you Em we were meant to be together ,I will explain but its hard to explain unless we go there , to the place were it all ended , please you would think me crazy if you didn't go there your self ," said Keagan almost pleading for her 

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