Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


2. News from the Government

          It wasn't for another week after the letters arrival did a man in uniform come to their door baring news , He wore big glasses that mad him look as he run the Intel department  at fort Knox . He came to the door baring an American flag and a small box. His expression was somber and he meant business . Emma opened the door and called her mom to come to the door . She wobbled to the door followed by Emma's grandparents who had arrived late last night . 

         "Molly Anderson , I'm Srg. McJames  , I happen to bring bad news , Your Husband is Honored For his service by all who served with him , and all of us here in America , Your husband was a war hero and we are sorry he won't be coming home to you , We would like to care for all of your families need in Honor of your husband , May God bless this family , We want you to have all his merits and medals and this flag in remembrance of your countries gratitude to your family and your beloved husband who lost his life in service , Thank You mam , We are so sorry for your loss ," said the man he handed the items to Molly and turned from the Anderson's door step .

            Molly Anderson fell to her knees crying . But Emma didn't want to be around them when she cried . Bolting out the door she passed the srg. as he was climbing into his car  . She ran as fast as her feet would carry trying not to trip . She didn't need to look at street signs or think to much about it she knew where she was going and her feet and legs were determined to get her there .  She slid across whet grass falling on her bottom . Though she got up right away and continued to run . In under ten minutes she had reached her destination . The Home of Bay . Bay was out of the door to her house as soon as she had seen Emma come close to her drive way . Bay and Emma looked a each other before greeting each other with a hug . 

        " Is something wrong? whats wrong Emma ?" said Bay looking concerned as any one could . 

        " He is gone Bay , He wont be coming back , Mama's all alone , and the baby will be here any day now , Bay I miss him , I miss him so much ," said Emma 

        " Em I am so sorry ! Please come in we will have to find a way to get your mind off it , or if you prefer we can talk about , " said Bay leading Emma inside . Bay Had never seen Emma like this. Emma had always been so calm now she was nothing short of  a disaster . But who wouldn't be a disaster if their father had died . Having never been able to say goodbye that alone would shoot your nerves sky high . "Emma we could call your mom , You could stay the night If you didn't want to end up alone in your room all night ," said Bay . Emma nodded her head in agreement And Bay speed dialed The Andrew's Home . 

         " Mrs. Andrews  Its Bay , I wanted to let you  know that Emma Is over here at my house, She is welcome to stay the night she seems to really need it to, If it is okay with you I will walk her home tomorrow " said Bay 

          " Sounds Like a good Idea with me , Bay Is your mom able to speak on the phone I have a question for her ?" said Molly Andrews 

          " Yes  one Moment  , MOM.... Mom .... MOM! .... PHONE CALL for YOU , hear she is ," Bay handed the phone over to her mom who just raised her eye brows and shewed Bay along . Bay joined Emma on he living room couch while her mom finished the call . 

           " Hello Molly I'm sorry , Bay doesn't know she has feet that can move , By any chance do I need to pay a medical bill to get your hearing tested after that " said Jessica Bay's Mother 

            Molly laughed a little at Jessica's response then replied to Jessica with a hello and a question of her own "Hello Jessica  , Yes I can here you and sometimes I wonder if Emma knows about her feet two ,Is there a class for that ? there should be , Any way I was wondering If Emma could stay with you when I go into labor , I could have her grandfather bring her over as soon as my water breaks but I need them with me at the hospital with all that has happened ," said Molly 

          " Yes that should be fine , We love Emma and It wouldn't be a bother , after all the girls live in each others homes all summer any way ," said Jessica . Molly thanked her then hung up the phone . 

            Bay sat next to Emma who couldn't concentrate on anything . Bay could tell by watching Emma sit playing with her cloths. " Emma Let's do something to get your mind off of things , you need some fun  right now really badly , come on ," said  Bay 

             Emma didn't move , not even an inch . She sat there staring of into the distance . She seemed to look a sickly pale  but Bay didn't know if that was the case or if the lights played a part in it . "He is dead , he is gone , Dad where are you come back to us  , He is dead and gone  ," said Emma . She repeated over ad over again these few words until she collapsed to the ground . Bay Started screaming and her mom came running . Emma was loaded up in the car by Bay's father and they rushed her to the hospital 

                  "Hang in there Emma  , I'm here for you , Dad go faster !" said Bay  

                Bay hug on to the words of Emma's as they sped threw her head over and over again

                              "He is dead ,  he is gone , Dad where are you come back to us ,"  

                Bay Focused on the words so much she hadn't noticed her own end coming swiftly . Her father had tried to avoid the collision but the bus hadn't seen them in time and Bay , Emma , Jessica , and her father were thrown from the car but not her little brother  He was trapped in a seat that wouldn't release  him in time. And the Impact of the bus made the Words some what True in Bay's Head . He is dead ,  he is gone ,where are you come back to us .


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