Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


4. Mourning Blacks Seep in

               Sixteen on crutches at her own brothers funeral . It was at least a burden, but more so heart renching. Bay and her brother had been close and she never thought she would out live him. And at this point she had eight more years of life and yet If she had a choice she would rather it be her in the cascet . At a young age he had shown so much potential and now it bugged her. It made her feel  like she shouldn't have survived not with out him any ways. Bay wasn't alone in the hurt it was a double funeral for Ben and Emma's dad. Emma sat beside her in a wheel chair in her own black dress. She two was fighting back tears and wondering why, for both Ben and her dad.

     The eulogy was said by a Marine for Emma's dad and Bay's father for Ben. They watched the caskets be buried together in the ground. Now Ben wouldn't be alone. The Andrews family and The Harper family had purchased a plot of land together the size of an acre and had it fenced with a cast iron fence and sign. The sign read The Andrews Harper Branch and in this land they would have room for there families to decay together as one for in life they are in one big family and In death they would also be . It gave Bay comfort Knowing that Marine Toby Andrews was right by her little brother Ben for always. She also liked the Idea that in death she would be close to her best friend. But other wise the black had seeped threw and was making her cold on the inside.

       Bay couldn't focus on any thing It seemed like every image came across like a kalydascope . Swirling the truth into a misshapen vortex of lies . Summer would be coming to an end soon and She was graduating and starting college in the fall . So the important papers lay scattered on her desk . A week had  gone by since the funeral and Bay was still wearing  black . Bay      left her desk in frustration and laid down on her bed .Picking up the phone she dialed Emma . But it went straight to voice mail so Bay left a message on the recording machine . 

       "Hey Em , It's me , I know your prob busy and , Well I need you , I tried  to find some normalcy today and I lost all hope  , Em if your listening as I am taking now please pick up , I need Ben Back  , And I know he is not coming back , And I need for you to talk me threw this and to just listen when you know its right to . Em I'm losing every thing  , My mom blames my dad and my parents have not talked much since the funeral , Please call me back ! " said Bay , She then hung up the phone 

        "Should I sill call you back ," said Emma seconds later standing in Bay's door way 

         " Your here ! Oh If you must call me back but house call is better ," said Bay 

         "Bay, I'm here now , how do we deal with this? I miss Ben and my dad so bad , do you have any thing Ben gave to you ? I find it helpful to hold onto something they gave you before they died  for my dad its the letters from war and his dog tags , I wear them around my neck and  hold the letters to my chest and say the ten most important memories of him in my head ," said Emma   

             "okay we can try it , for my 16 birthday he gave me a necklace with my birth stone maybe holding that will help ," said Bay 

          " We will take turns , One : dad use to tell the best stories he never needed a book " said Emma 

           " One : Ben had a way with people always made you feel loved ," said Bay closing her eyes picturing Ben 

           "Two : Dad always showed that true love existed ," said Emma 

            " Two: Ben Had a great sense of humor ," said Bay ...

            " Ten : Dad never let me fall , He was always there to catch me or help me back up If it was a challenge I had to learn on my own to navigate , He truly loved mom and I and he Would have loved the baby just the same ," said Emma 

             " Ten : Ben was my hero , He always  knew what to say and when to say it ," said Bay . She had been holding the necklace so hard it left a print on her skin when she relaxed her hand into opening up . " I love You Ben ," said Bay 

              " Feeling  any better Bay ?" said Emma 

             "Yes some what , thanks ," said Bay 

               " That is good glad I could help to some point ," said Emma 

               " Will you stay over tonight ? I don't want to be alone ," said Bay 

               "Of coarse , Bay , I think that would be good for the both of us ," said Emma

                        Bay woke several times in the night from night terrors . Over and over again every night she relived the accident , and each time one thing stood out, Emma.  Even though she didn't want to believe it Bay felt Emma was Really responsible for what happened to Ben  and the reason Her parents had been fighting over the last week .  She tried to tell her self Emma had no choice in collapsing ,She shouldn't be blamed for something she had no control over . But Bay couldn't convince her self of it .

    Tonight waking Up from the terror and seeing Emma beside her she grew cold and the black seeped in deeper . It was as if every time she lost her self to the hurt the devil claimed another part of her  heart , mind and soul and If she wasn't careful i would claim all of her . 

         She laid back down  draping her hair over her pillow the cold spot touching her neck and luring her off to sleep . This time she dreamed of the Summer she met Emma , She saw the dock over the lake ,it was like an out of body experience where she was watching her self and Emma  . Emma Had shorter hair then and she looked like Kira Knightly from the movie " Seeking A Friend For the End Of The World ," The sun highlighted her features just right and Bay her self looked like a Goddess of the summer . At the age of eight they already started to look like teenagers at the high school level . They were tall for their age and their budding breast  were starting to come in . Bay smiled at the Memory and for once she finally had a few hours of restful sleep . 


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