Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


6. Keagan


    Keagan sat down next to Emma ,he smiled at her he looked genuinely happy that she invited him to join her.  He looked at Emma she really had changed since he last spent time with her.  For one she was taller,  taller then most girls he knew she was possibly six feet tall. She had long beautiful legs  the probly could keep up with him on his marathons.  He wondered how athletic she was.

      "Emma did you catch any good waves today, "said Keagan

        " yah the waves have been generous all day long,  do you surf? " said. Emma

        "I do,  but only as a hobby,  I came down here today for another reason,  I was applying for a life guard job,  I know summers almost half way over but the job is connected to the town pool and the auquarium, It is a job I could keep all year around," said Keagan

           "Are you going to college at all then?"said Emma

             " planning on it for the futur but right now I can't afford it, " said Keagan

              "At least you have some what of a plan,  Bay and I ....,"

               "Is Bay your boyfriend interrupted ,"Keagan

                 " No Bays my best friend, well more like my sister,she is out surfing,  any way what I was going to say is we do not have much of plans for after highschool,  Bay finished up this summer and is now applying for college,  I my self only have a few credits left to earn so I will go only for a quarter of the year ,after that who knows what I will do ,"said Emma

             " How about you travel with me! A year from now maybe more I'm planing on a trip to europe before college,  It will give you something to work for, " said Keagan

              "That sounds really cool!  I've always wanted to travel!  Maybe,  I will consider it,"said Emma

              "Em I have to get going here is my nunber and email, keep in touch," said Keagan .He handed her a buisness card and took off down the beach in a jog he smiled and waved back to her as he disappeared into the crowd of people.

                As soon as he was gone Bay joined Emma on the beach "Who was that! He was cute! " said Bay

            "That would be Keagan apparently an old lab partner, "said Emma

             "What and a futur partner ?"said Bay with a big smirk .

              "Bay your so funny!  Not! I do not have thoes kinds of feelings for him, " said Emma and under her breath she added "at least not yet,"

            "What do you know about this Keagan fellow anyway ?" Said Bay

              "Name ,phone,  email,  possible occupation,  and that we must have been close at one point,  he called me Em, "said Emma

           "So what most people named Emma go by Em, "said Bay

           " yah but normally its weird for me if some one calls me Em and its not you, well it does not feel right,  but when he called me Em it felt like I was use to his voice calling me that," said Emma

            "Call him tonight! Emma you should get to know him, "said Bay

              "I might , I just don't know what I'd say, "said Emma

               " No excuses! " said Bay smiling she started gathering all their things and heading back to load the jeep . As soon as the jeep was loaded they drove back to Bay's house.

               The two girls were to lazzy to change so they wore the bikinis around the house. Which had remained a nice cool temperature compared to outside .Bay's parents were out at work so the girls had the house to them selves.  

            " We so are not normal teenaged girls ,If we were we would be throwing a party right now, "said Bay

              " Bay that is hollywood normal, this is Oregon normal,  we just hang out and do random things, "said Emma she turned on the stereo,placed on some socks and danced around on the wooden floor like an ice scatter.  Bay laughed and joined in.  A whole cd latter they crashed on to the couch and started a movie.

             "Emma are you staying another night, or are you heading home at some point ,"said Bay

              " I should probly be heading home soon but I will call you after I talk to keagan," said Emma

            "Do not leave out any details,"said Bay

            " I will try not to,  Im going to get changed and grab my stuff and head out soon, "said Emma

             " Hey Em keep the bikini,  It looks good on you , Its more you then it ever was me, I think I only wore it once then retiard it to my closet, " said Bay

               "Oh okay , well I guess I will just grab my things then and just not change,  it will save more time for us before I must leave for home, "said Emma

               Emma and Bay finnished their movie. Emma then left for home but as she was walking out the door Bay yelled " I exspect to see you this weekend its our annual cloths exchange so,  rummage your closet and we will have a trade, "said Bay

                "BYE BAY!  SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND, " yelled back Emma she smiled , it had been a nice day with all that had happened in the last few months.  She couldn't believed how fast time had flown since she and Emma had been in the hospital and since the double funeral .Things were not the same but at least they were getting better.  

                "Awe finally she is home ," said Emma's grandmother

                 " Hey grandma, where is mom?" Said Emma

                   " The hospital her water broke this morning,  the babies coming! "Said grandma

                  " lets go!  I want to be there with my mom!  " said Emma

                   "Emy darling how do you say we get there!  "Said grandma

             "Bay's jeep!  I will call Bay! "Said Emma

            " Bay its me Emma I need a huge favor! "

              " what is it Em?"

             " I need a ride to the hospital,  my grandmother and I do,  My moms having her baby! "

           "Sure thing ,I will be right over, "

               Less than five minutes later Bay pulled up in her jeep,  "Come on girls lets go welcome a new Andrews child into the world, "said Bay.

    The hospital smelt of death and cleaners ,more so the intense cleaners. The three of them rushed to the maturnity ward.  Meeting face to face with the main desk.  "We need to find Molly Andrews I'm her mother in law,  this is her older daughter and her secondary daughter, "Said Emma's Grandma

           "I'm sorry her daughter is the only one allowed till the baby has been bourn that and your husband because he came here with her and checked her in,  I will need to see Identification and the remainder of your group can wait in the cafeteria or our loby over that way ,"said the secretary at the desk

               Emma handed over her licens and her social security card and her military family pass hoping that would help her since she was underage.

              "Emma Jewel Andrews,  your under eighteen,  you have all vacinations needed,  normally under 18 isn't allowed unless pregnent them selves but, because your father served in the military and he can't be here due to the military we will alow you to come back ,"said the secretary

             " Thank you, " said Emma " grandma I'll keep you up to date," "Bay,  are you going to stick arround? "

                "Yes Emma I just have to call my parents ,and let them know where I am at, " said Bay she went outside to make her call and was back in only mitutes latter.  She sat with Emma's grandmother antsy for the birth to find out the gender.  

                It wasn't till almost 10:00pm that Emma showed up again. "The baby is here! Would you like to come see?" Said Emma

                "YES!" Said both Bay and Emma's grandmas

                 So the three of then walked to the room together. "Em so whats the gender of the baby, "said Bay

           " You will see! "Said Emma

           " Come on in family," Said Molly weekly

            " Hey molly darling said, " Bay

            " oh its my fave daughter ,"Said Molly joking , Bay smiled " Emma will you come over here and grab your little sister,  introduce her to grandma and bay, "said Molly

              "Bay, grandma,  meet my new baby sister! ," said Emma

                " whats her name? " said. Bay

                " Tibby ( after my dad ) middle name is taylor (For Ben ) Andrews " said Emma

                "TTA : TINNY TODLER ANDREWS ," Said Bay " Taylor ... Benjamine Taylore Harper, Molly You are the sweetest ," said Bay

                 " Bay,  Emma picked out her whole name,  of course I had to approve ,but Emma was the master mind,  Bay would you like to hold her, " said Molly

                "I'd love two!  Oh she is so precious!  Can I move in , " said Bay jokingly "Hello little Tibby, "said Bay. Tibby's eyes opened and she smiled up at Bay.  Bay sheded a tear of joy whil cradling the newborn in her arms.  She handed the tiard infant back to her mother and left the room with Emma so the two of them could rest.  

             "Bay I never got to say,  thank you I would have never made it if it were not for you,"said Emma" being here in my dad's place when the baby was born,"

          "Thank you Emma for honoring Ben like that! It really meant a lot to me, "said Bay

         " He was like my lil brother two,  I loves him so much and as death took Ben Life gave us Tibby Taylor Andrews our sister, "Said Emma

               "Emma did you ever get a chance to call Keagan? "Said Bay

                "No I forgot,  its probly to late to call him now, I'll try tomorrow, " said Emma

                 " Call him now! " said Bay

   " Hello Keagan this is Emma,  Uhm I know it is late,   I don't blame you for not answering,  Uhm I would have called you earlier but I ended up at the hospital,  oh wait that sounds wrong,  I am. Fine my mom just gave birth,  I hope I didn't worry you,  We should go out some time,  I'll buy coffee,  Wow I must sound crazy, call me back or not, " Said Emma into the phone

                 " I was so right you want to date him! " said Bay grinning " lets go home get some sleep,"

                 "Bay can you pick me up some cloths and a pillow and blanket,  I think I am going to stay over night with my mom, "said Emma

                  " Then I will two!" Said Bay " I'll be back in fifteen, " And she was!  So both girls made a make shift bed in the windowsil of the room and laid down to sleep.

                 Before closing her eyes to sleep Emma thought of Keagan.  Had she really just asked him out some one she barely knew?  She wondered how he would respond to her spontanious message.  Oh Keagan.  




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