Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


3. In the Hospital

              When a medical team arrived on the seen they  put the two teens on stretchers  and gave the parents a lift to the hospital in the ambulance who had minor cuts, burns , and bruises but other wise okay . Bays Little brother was removed  from the demolished car and placed into a black body bag . His mother saw from the ambulance windows and cried her eyes out , her husband held onto her wrapping his arms around her tight .  He two fought back the tears to cry for his daughter Bay was unconscious along with her best friend and they  were breathing it threw tubes  and his young boy was dead . No father wants there boy to die before them .  His boy Ben was only eight and now he would have to organize a funeral and he couldn't help to feel it was his fault because he had been driving . 

                With in minutes they arrived at the hospital . Once inside Jessica called Molly about the Accident . Molly unable to do much due to her pregnancy sent her  father in law to draw out documents at the hospital and to be there with Emma when she came too. He didn't ask questions when she told him what she needed he just took his daughter in laws car and met up with Jessica at the hospital. " Any word on the girls' conditions ?"said Emma's grandfather .Jessica shook her head no and both waited for the Doctor to make his round to them .  

                   The Doctor finally came around after an hour and a half to inform Bay and Emma's family on the girls' state of being . 

"Bay has two broken ribs and a broken leg her scan on the brain came back good , so she has no brain damage   there adding stitches  and cleaning her wounds  we will want to keep her over night to assess her over all behavior to medications and treatment , Now Emma will need to be here a bit longer then over night she is has nerve damage in her left arm and she has broken her leg like Bay But when she broke some of her ribs it compressed on her longs so we have to operate go in and adjust some of her ribs and support them so they can heal properly and so it won't effect her breathing , She is in surgery  right now while Bay is going into a room for recovery ," said the doctor 

                 Bay came too first she could feel the pain from her broken bones but She was glad to be alive . " Mom where is Emma ?" said Bay trying to get more comfortable but realizing it hurt more to move . 

                 " Oh your awake now , hay baby girl , Em had to go threw surgery because her ribs had crashed in on her lungs  , once out of surgery she will be in here , right next to you , don't worry she is going to be fine and Her grandfather is here for her ," said Jessica . 

                Bay let out a sigh , she was relieved that Em was going to be okay .  And because her body lacked strength she closed her eyes to let sleep in with welcome . When she came two the second time Emma was by her side in her own hospital bed . Asleep , so was every one else in the room . Bay's Parents were asleep on the window sill and Em's grandpa slept slouched over in a chair next to her bed . No one looked comfortable and honestly  nobody was . She closed her eyes again to sleep . And dreamed of summers that seemed so far away when Em and Bay would go camping with there fathers . Life would never be the same again at least for tonight she could hold onto this dream of the past . 

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