Worth Fighting For

When Life hands You Lemons make lemonade , Well Lemons alone don't make lemonade.You need something sweet. But nothing was Sweet after the death of her father and nothing would ever be If she let life take her best friend two ... "Worth Fighting For " is about the bond of friendship and the reality of death . It's about the little things taken for granted .Holding on is a part of life , so hold on tight cause you are "Worth Fighting For "


5. Emma's Flash back

         Emma had dreamed in black in white , Her whole dream had been humorous like  Charlie Chaplin  . The whole dream was set like  a silent film with captions . At least Emma could pause it in place to understand the full content of her dream. Sadly it was not that easy to understand  some one changed her captions to French . Okay just maybe her sub conscience was telling her she was insane , and after her father’s death she did not doubt  it. 

       Emma also woke up a few times in the night , part of it was due to the fact that Bay had been talking in her sleep . Emma had felt like karma had been against her during the night. The air had seemed heavy as if something ominous was going to happen. It was on her mind that just possibly some invisible force wanted her dead. She ha d to laugh at her thoughts making jokes to herself such as it wouldn’t be the first time. But overall it had been a very unrest full night .

        “Hay your awake,” said Bay walking from the bathroom that connected to her room.

        “Yah I’m awake not sure how much sleep I actually got ,” said Emma sitting up

         “Same I woke up last night a few times  also , I had a bad dream and then a really good one , At least the night seemed to balance its self out,” said Bay 

          “So are we going to try to spend the whole day together , for old times sake ?” said Emma

          “Sure let’s go surfing today , a little water and sun should do us both some good ,and I just bought a new bikini that  needs it’s turn off the hanger “ said Bay 

           “Sounds good , Can I borrow one of yours and a  board, It be quicker than going home then meeting up after I’d gotten my things ,” said Emma

           “Why do you even ask at this point , We share most things at this point   The only things we don’t share  is boyfriends , and non reusable bathroom supplies ,”said Bay  who had already changed into her bikini “Hurry up slow poke !” 

 "Hey we should bring a camera, while one persons riding the wave,  the other can film and we can make an awesome video of our coolest waves this evening, "said Emma

               " The water proof video camera is in the top drawer of my desk, I am going down stairs to pack some food,  grab a bikini,  get changed , and get it on your way down stairs," Said Bay

              Emma walked to the closet pulled out a turquoise bikini. Ran over to the bathroom and did a fast change. She checked her appeirence in the mirror and pulled back her long wavy brown hair into a pony tail. Bay had forgotten the sunscreen again so leaving the bathroom she grabbed the bottle and two towels. Found a sports bag in the closet along with an extra pair of flip flops which she grabbed also. Before leaving the room she opened the top drawer and pulled out the water proof video and two pair of sunglasses. As she grabbed these things from the door she noticed Bay's diary sitting there in the drawer easy to see. So Emma covered it with a pile of letters from colleges and a random book she found on the desk.  Then closing the drawer she hurried from Bay's room and down the stairs.  

           Bay had thrown together a breakfast bar for each of them. She packed two lunches of healthy , energizing food in each lunch box that now waited on the counter for their departure.  "Emma can you grab the Jeep keys off the walls? " said Bay as she saw Emma coming down the stairs.

             "Sure Bay,  hey so I think we are ready now,  I grabbed the sunscreen cause I know how you always forget it, and two pairs of sunglasses when tanning calls, "said Emma

             "See this is why your my best friend, you make up for everything I lack, "said Bay

               "Was a that a compliment?  If it was it was defineately in the catagory of a Bay Harper comment, see and the reason your my best friend is I'm the only one that partly understands you ,"said Emma

           It would seem that both girls were already in better moods then the day before.  So The two in high spirits drove to the beach in the jeep with the top down surf boards in the back with their bag of items and their lunches. It was already shaping up to be a good surfing day with the temp. bordering on eighty.  

Once parked in a space ,a walk from the sand , the girls unloaded the boards and picked an area where they set out their things before hitting the waves. It was perfect, The waves,  The sun,and two best friends. It wasn't the same though and they both new that in the back of their minds.  

         Bay hit the first wave enjoying how the seafoam spray seemed to be a natural part of her. She made the turn pipe and fliped at the top and road the wave in to the shore.Emma filmed the wave and smiled at the hope that came with the day out on the waves.  Bay paddled back out and sat on her board next to emma.  "Hand me the camera and go catch your own pokemon! " said Bay

          "So who do I thank?  Squrtle?  " said Emma. She then paddled further out and waited for the right wave. It came soon enough and when she spotted it on the horizon she paddled hard to get on the inside.  Then she did a snap of the top and controlled the wave like a pro. Bay filmed the whole ride and smiled at Emma when they met up again .

          "Way to go girl! Are you sure your don't want to go to reginels?" Said Bay

           "Not for me, but if you were to do it I'd do it with you,"said Emma.

           Emma during the course of the day didn't ride too many waves. She mostly filmed and layed around on the bord. She let the waves lure out pf the things happening then and now.  

          "Emma darling!  Will you grab daddy a drink from the cabin, the fish could bite any moment now, " said Toby Andrews

           " okay dad but the fish wont bite if you forget bait,"said Emma

            "That is my little girl, always watching for the little details," said Toby

            Emma had not noticed that she had been loling off into the subconscious. Bay came right up to emma and it was as if Emma was not there at all . So Bay swam under Emma's board and tipped it over.  Emma was starteled when she became submerged into the water.  As soon as she came up and had fresh air.  She responded on Bay's action " Man you could have killed me! "Said Emma

           "Speeding up the process, You can't black out like that on the ocean,  it is not safe, " said Bay

         "I'm going to go get a bite to eat and get a good tan while there is still time, "said Emma

           " My stumach has agreed a bite to eat seems to be a good idea right now,"said Bay

           Back on the beach they at their lunches and relaxed on their beach towles . But the mood had changed greatly from the time they had arrived.  It was yet still beautiful, if not more so. But the two were not on the same page anymore . Emma didn't feel the need to surf anymore so she laid out in the sun on her towle tanning and letting her mind drift .

           "You can't send her away! " said Toby

            " My love, she needs to go to kindergarten like all the other kids ,"said Molly

            "Can at I least go with her,"said Toby

            " Toby! Stop it ,Emma will be fine , You can take her to school, No you can't stay, "said Molly

           "Daddy!  Mama knows best,  "said five year old Emma peaking out her bedroom door.

         Sand hit up into Emma's face shaking her from her thoughts. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to... Emma?  Emma Andrews is that you? " said a male person standing over her blocking her sun.  

            "Who's asking? "Said Emma

          "Keagan Matthews,  I graduated last year but we were lab partners your freshman year, and well my sophmore year, "said Keagan

           " You may be right , but freshman year wasn't memorable, so I have few memories of it, "said Emma" Keagan you seem like a nice guy,  but I don't remember You,"

             " Oh but I remember you!  You got drunk at a post Homecoming party and you were my first, "said Keagan. Emma looked at him shocked like he was the plauge.  " Emma oh my I was kidding!man you really did forget that year If you believed the thing about homecoming,"said Keagan

               "Yah i was not joking, any way so hi keagan I guess it is nice to meet you,"said Emma

                 "Yah nice to meet you to Em, " said Keagan

             "We had been good friends haden't we? " Said Emma

                "I'd say so ,Em you came to the hospital after I tried suicide,  only student from school I might add, you changed my whole perspective on life, "said Keagan

               " Keagan would you like to sit with me ? I would like to get to know you again," said Emma

            "Toby your best bet is a medicine for anti - depression, She will forget every year of her life If she continues to fight this depression without external help of some sort IE. The medicine, " said the doctor

              "What do I tell my little girl take this medicine cause your brain is chemically off?  She doesn't feel sick,and she is smart she will find a worse self image thinking she must not be good enough,  cause daddy wants to fix whats not broken ,"said Toby

            " Take the chance then , she will have commitment issues latter on because she never knew she was suppose to be committed, "said the doctor

             "Daddy am I sick because I can't remember who I am ,"said 4year old Emma






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