It's not a joke!!!

BLURB: I'm Angel. I get pushed around at school, alot. I'll give them what they want!!



1. It sounds like an escape


"Go die!"



"You're mum want's you to die!"


"Rot in hell!"

People call me this all day long. But I stay strong. They what me to die? That's exactly what I'm not about to do. I walk down the corridor. People looking at me calling me names. Wishing I was dead. But I will not give in, I told my self that everyday. But the comments won. So I asked my form teacher if I could make a point in assembile, about suicidal. She said yes. So I stood up on stage. I said as people were whispering in the rows in front off me calling me names. I said "Suicidal, It's not a joke. It's death. I feel like cutting my self but I don't. I get told to die, by getting ran over. I hurts. So I made this assembile about suicidal, it's not a joke and this is what you're making people do." I got a hand full of drugs and ate them, things were quiet then someone noticed what I was doing. "She killing her self!" Someone yelled, the teachers ran to stop me I got my knife and cut my self 3 times before I fell, everything was blurry, I was being strapped on to something. Lifted up. I winced at the bang off doors. It hurt my head. Someone was holding my hand . I looked at them. "Mum..." I whispered. "" Everything went black it was werid. I seen the hall how I felt. The scream. Older memories. Me holding my baby brother, for the first time. That went blank. I woke up. Slowly opening my eyes. I seen people. I moved but something was holding me down. "Hi." My vocie was rough.

"Hey." It was people from my school.

"Carrying on from the assembile, this is what you words can do, so next time think." They all looked at the ground. I tryed to sit up again. The thingy ma bob started to beep. Nures runing in. "You're a wake."

"Get these things out of me." They nodded. Once I was free I sat up. "So..." I said to no one they looked around at each other. "So do you want something to eat?" One of them asked. I nodded. The teacher went to get me some food. Once she was gone. One of them asked "Did you really wanted to die?" I nodded. "Why?"

"It sounds like an escape from things."

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