So what I'm a vampire, I don't shine in the sun I don't burn in the sun. I hate them three words 'I love you' becuse you are saying something like 'here take my heart break it please!' I don't even called my boyfriend by his real name I called him 'Prince'


1. Snow

 I screamed. The first thing I always do in the forest is scream. The second thing is, I get my fangs out. You're problay thinking, great another vampire book, but I promise you this is nothing like that. In here we don't shine, why would we in the summer how are we meant to hunt if we shine. We don't shine in the sun, we burn. Well, most of we do. Not me I'm the one and only the only vampire without a ring that doesn't burn. Yeah cool right? I love being kind of normal. But it's hard my dad whats me to go out with the Kings son. His so I cute. Well Very VERY hot. But I don't want to. I have a soul. I have feelings I don't hurt people, or animals. My friend, she's human, works at the hospital, she's the only human that knows what I am. She gets me a bag of blood a week. I am in complete control of my thirst. My best friend trusts me with her life. Well, I was the one to save her. I had to kill a human. But he tryed to kill her. She took a short cut through a back lane, and he attacked her. I ran annd pushed him of of her. She sat there, watching me suck the life out of some bloke. She trusts me because I took her to my other friend, he can heel people. I took her home, asked her not to tell anyone. She didn't. She doesn't have a scar, he made sure that she wouldn't. My best friends name is Lola. I sat down, on the floor. I sang. Something I've heard it but don't know what it's called. "Sparks fly its like electricity I might die, if I forget how to breathe. You get closer, and theres nowhere in this world I rather be, time stops like everything around me is frozen. And nothing matters but these few moments when you open my mind to things I've never seen. Coz when I'm kissing you my sences come alive." I stop, I heard a branch snap.

"You singnig about me, again." I laughed

"In your dreams!"

"What was that?" I stood up and walked away. Yes, I walk not ran. So he caught up with me. So I started to run. But he grabbed my wrist. He pushed me against a tree, he kissed me. Hard. I know I know, I'm a vampire. I can push him away. I would, but he's a lot stronger and faster. Did I tell you that he was the prince. Of vampires and humans. "Kiss me, back." He moaned in my ear. I kissed him. Wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him to me. His tongue was in my mouth. Warmth ran through me. I know that in books vampires are cooled, thats not trust we only go cooled if we want to. He moaned deep in his throat. I smiled. And pulled away. "Why do you always pull away?"

"Do you want more?" He nodded, gazing in the my eyes. "Isn't that just to bad." I turned away and walked away he didn't follow. If I tell you the truth, I liked him alot. "Snow." He whispered. "You're so confusing."

"What you still think I should be a open book?" I whispered. just loud enough for the wind to carry my vocie to him.

"Yeah." He was by my side now. "Were are you going?"

"To see Lola."

"I think it's about time I hear about your best friend."

"Come and meet her if you want." I shrugged, silently laughing. Standing next to human I care for kills him. He still thinks that Lola is a vampire. "If thats OK." I nodded and texted Lola, Hey, comin to yours bring the prince xx  She replyed saying yeah. Once we got to her house. The Prince stopped. He went pale. "What?" I asked him actting innocent.

"She's human." I knocked on the door. Lola answered I gave her a hug.

"The parents left for work."

"Cool. This is the prince."

"Oh, so you're the famous vampire, I've heard so much about." Me and Lola laughed, but the prince went tense. "You told her?" He asked.

"Nope." Walking into the sitting room. "Can I smell something?" I asked. Smiling.

"Yep." Lola put her hands behind the sofa. And pulled out 2 bags of blood. She gave them to me. "Sorry about no giving you one last week. I was under watch 24/7."

"It's OK." I turned to prince. "Want one?" He shook his head. "Oh, well." I said opening a bag.

"Did you heard about hunter?"  I looked up. But just then, Sean popped into the sit room. Yeah, popped. One second nothing next second he was there. He came next to me gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, I giggled. I seen the Prince in the conner of my eye get up. Fangs ready. Then I was on top of him. Looking him in the eyes. "Sean, Lola, go I'm going to calm him down." With that Sean and Lola could not be seen or heard or smelled. I loosened my grip a bit. He was now pinning me to the ground. Towering over me. I winsed at his grip. "Why did that dude kiss you?!" He yelled.

"Well, I'm sorry that he kissed me on the cheek to show me that he won't hurt me! I'm sorry he was the one who stopped the vampire trying to suck my vains dry, I'm sorry he helped me get away as a vampire instead of being dead in a back lane for someone to find me! I'm sorry he saved my life!" Prince was still towering over me. But not hurting me. He got off me, and took me home. Well I live in his house. And sleep in his room in his bed, but before you called me a whore or anything I'm still a virgin. Once we were in our room he put me to bed and cuddled in with me, but I just lay there. I still and alway will hate his family. But he loved me. His dad and my dad were the ones who forced us to go out and after a week of going out they made us share a bed at first prince new that I wasn't happy so he sleeped at the very edge of the bed, didn't touch me. Not until I gave him hug. I now that sounds cheesey, but then he new that I was OK so then one night he kissed me. I felt sparks and but I still acted like hate him. Then I sighed got up and got out my diary. I wrote everything about to day. I locked it back up and put it back in my draw. I knew prince was still awake. But acting like he was sleeping. I walked over to him. Kissed him. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down ontop of him. He rolled over and was ontop of me, kissing my neck bitting it softly. I pushed him off me. "Good night, prince."

"When will you call me by my real name?"

"When will you come to school?" He sighed. A school full of 'human blood bags' he called them.

"Good night." He kissed my forehead. Then tryed to kiss my lips I turned over so he couldn't. "I love you." He whispered I elbowed him in the ribs. He knew that I hated them words. Them three words, if you say them to somebody it's like saying 'please break my heart' and giving them your trust or something like 'I'm yours untill you don't want me' I hate them three words. O

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