Bieber Fever

Where am I? This place doesn't look familiar. The last thing I remember I was at one of my concerts. Why does my head hurt so bad? I don't feel so good. I'm kind of dizzy too. Maybe I should just go back to sleep...


1. "Am I dreaming..?

Justin's Point of view~

I slowly opened my eyes, as the light from outside hit them. I let out a sigh and stretched.Looking around, I realized I had no idea where I was. I sat up fast and just let out a groan. My head was pounding. I placed my head in my hands, and slightly sighed. I pushed my hands up, running them through my hair. Now, messing up my perfect quiff even more. I blinked several times, faster than normal. In attempt to help focus my vision better.  Suddenly, the Television flickered on. I jumped slightly, not expecting it. "Pop star Justin Bieber has disappeared. He went missing last night,after his big concert in New Hampshire. Security has been looking for him since, and non-stop. The paparazzi are now outside his home, attempting to get some answers."

Then the tv turned off, and I heard a voice, it was coming from a speaker in the corner of the bright white room. "Welcome to your new home Justin" I stood up and walked over to the door. I start banging on it. "HEY! Let me out! Where am I? I want to leave. NOW!" I yelled. The speaker turned back on but this time it was a sweeter voice. "It's okay Justin, you'll love it here." Amber will be coming in to see you. Just lay down on the bed please."

I sighed. Why should I listen to her? Oh well, I'm tired anyway. Maybe this is all a dream. A nightmare. I walked back to the bed and laid down on it. Surprisingly comfortable. I closed my eyes. I could just... Fall asleep right here... And wake up from this... Nightmare.


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