Everything about Lou

When Kyra's parents are killed in a plane crash her and her brothers and sisters are seperated far and wide but what happens when Kyra goes to live in America and her carers clients are certainly not expected. This will change her life forever and maybe she might start to realize she might have gained more than shes lost. But right now, her lifes about to explode but for better or for worse? Read on.


3. The dates set

The date has been set for the date we all leave. Its only a week away as it is 12th May we leave, next Monday. Too soon.

W;e all spent the next week feeling depressed over mum and dad except from Alex. He is the oldest out of us and he does love and care for us, even trys to comfort us but he says he doesnt care about mum and dad, but Im sure he does, he just doesnt want to admit it. Hes acted like hes hated them since he was 14 but he would never have wanted this to happen, he wouldnt ever go that far.

The past week has went by too fast and it is now Sunday night. My case is finally packed and so is my overnight bag for the plane, Im slightly scared to go on a plane after what happened to mum and dad. Anybody would be, right?

I cant sleep at all even though im lying in my bed counting sheep, that method never seems to work.. Since I cant sleep I might go and see Alex, his light is on so he is probably still awake too.

'Alex?' I say softly, knocking on his bedroom door.

'Yeah?' I hear.

'Can I come in?'

'Uh sure..'

I open the door and see him sitting on his bed. Im strangely shocked at what I see even though I know I shouldnt be, tears were streaming down his cheeks like a water fountain. When he see's that im confused he hides is face in hands.

'Whats wrong?' I ask.

'You know..'

'Look, I know what you're going through..'

'Kyra, please, you dont know what im feeling..'

'Well let it all out! I dont mind, honestly.'



'I'll miss you.'

'I'll miss you too, we all will.'

'Lets keep in touch everyday.'


'Skype, facebook, twitter, phone calls, msn..'

'Whatever it takes.'

'Everyday though.'


We hugged for ages until we felt drowsy and I lay there in his arms and we both fell asleep. It was perfect, carrot buddy love.














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